Last updated: 28 February 2009

Welcome to the Meade AutoStar Tours Archive page. This page is an archive of Meade's AutoStar Tours page and is your source for archives of the Meade Autostar Tours should the Meade page be unavailable. Neither the myself nor Meade Instruments are responsible for any damage or problems caused by using any of the tours archived here. Downloads have not been virus-checked and are supplied as-is for those users who feel they need to regress their Autostar #495 or #497 to a previous version. The official Meade Autostar Tours source remains the Meade web site.

Select any of the Autostar Tour Files listed on this page for download. The files are source files and can be loaded individually into the Autostar by dragging and dropping the source file icon onto the TOURS button on your Autostar Update Utility, main dialog page.Click on the Tour name to view the Tour on your Browser. Hold the shift key down and click on the Tour name to download the Tour. If you would like to write your own Tour Files click here to read the PDF document describing how to make your own Autostar Tour Files.

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