Last updated: 31 August 2006
Subject:	patch kit for LX200gps v4.1i
Sent:	Wednesday, August 30, 2006 21:00:02
From:	richard seymour (
Here's my patch kit for LX200gps v4.1i  (

This kit provides:
(a)  Display and Editing of Drive Training Values
(b)  Optional Automatic Satellite Track starting at down-count=zero
(c)  Version number change from 4.1i to 4.1I
(e)  Adds "peek"  function for use with Andrew Johansen's PEC editors.
(f)  Adds :gpr# and :gpx# serial commands for greater access to the GPS receiver.
(g)  Remembers and restores a Custom Tracking Rate setting across power-cycles.
(h)  *Override "Not Aligned" test
(i)  Allow 25000% Guide Rate
(j)  *"? for SYNC" (except in Tours)
(m)  *Turn OFF Front Panel Power socket (Fan) at boot.
(n)  Ability to surpress "0 to Align" and "0 for Tour" prompts.
(l)  Finer Control of Custom Tracking Rate
(o)  Adds Utilities/Take GPS Fix    ... to allow keypad-commanded
   update of Autostar Time via the GPS, even if it's already been done.
(p) Sets GPS-UTC Offset to -zero- after Reset.
(q) *Sun available as Solar System Object (replaces Pluto)
(r) always returns 'aligned' to :GW# command
(s) fixes :Mn/s/e/w bug (Mn goes wrong way if RA PEC is on at Powerup)

(missing letters are placeholders of "retired" features or fixes)

Please read the included ReadMe for "how to do it"

have fun

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