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Last updated: 18 October 2010
Subject:	AutoStar II patch
Sent:	Thursday, October 14, 2010 16:52:13
From:	Dick Seymour (
Description : Dick's 13th Edition patch kit for 4.2g.

(a)  Display and Editing of Drive Training Values   [Editing of Training Values]
(b)  Optional Automatic Satellite Track starting at down-count=zero
[Satellite AutoTrack]
(c)  Version number change from 4.2g to 4.2G  [Patch 4.2G]
(e)  Adds "peek"  function for use with Andrew Johansen's PEC editors. [PEC Editor Hook]
(f)  Adds :gpr# and :gpx# serial commands for greater access to the
GPS receiver. [GPS commands]
(g)  Remembers and restores a Custom Tracking Rate setting across
power-cycles. [Custom Tracking Rate]
(h)  *Override "Not Aligned" test  [Override "not aligned" test]
(i)  Allow 25000% Guide Rate   [Guide Rate Limit/Message]
(j)  *"? for SYNC" (except in Tours)  [SYNC start with "?" key(basic)]
(l)  10 times Finer Control of Custom Tracking Rate   [10x finer TrackingRate]
(m)  *Turn OFF Front Panel Power socket (Fan) at boot. [FanOff]
(n)  Ability to surpress "0 to Align" and "0 for Tour" prompts. [skip
simple align][skip simple tour]
(o)  Adds Utilities/Take GPS Fix    ... to allow keypad-commanded 
[TakeFixNow] update of Autostar Time via the GPS, even if it's already
been done.
(p) Sets GPS-UTC Offset to -zero- after Reset.  [GPS-UTC Offset to zero]
(q) *Sun available as Solar System Object (replaces Pluto)  [Sun]
(r) *always returns 'aligned' to :GW# command  [GW always aligned (0->P)]
(t) turn OFF Brightest Star as reset default. [No Brightest]
(u) *Set High Precision ON at power-up [HighPrecOn]
(v) Fix PARK in SouthernHemisphere  [FixPark]
(w) *Allow 100 degree DEC travel [MoreThan90]
(x) *Prevent time-out dimming of handbox  [BlockDimming]
(y) Fix :FPsDDDD# bug (ignored sign)  [FPfocusBug]
(z)  Clear Park Vars on booting   [Clear Park Vars on Boot/ No PEC on Unpark]
(aa)  Improve two-star polar alignments [Sync on Polar Two Star aligns]
(ab)   avoid Daylight prompt during manual time entry  [AvoidDSTprompt]

have fun

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