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Last updated: 18 October 2010
Subject:	AutoStar II patch
Sent:	Thursday, October 14, 2010 16:52:13
From:	Dick Seymour (
Description : Dick's 14th Edition patch kit for 4.2g.

Saves Guide Rate, Fixes Polar PARK, Stop Polar PEC seek, Adds:
HighPrecOn at power-up, Has: 'Take Fix Now', Remembers Custom Tracking
Rate, supports Andrew's PEC editor,display/edit TrainDrive, autostart of
satellite tracking, front power panel OFF at power-up, kill '0 to align'
prompt, expanded Guide Speed, etc. Sets GPS/UTC to zero, has 10x finer
Tracking Rate. Replaces Pluto with Sun. Fetch, unzip, read the ReadMe,
click the ClickMe.

If you select that piece of the patch, and then set a Guide Rate,
that Guide Rate will be restored on the next power up.

BUT: until you -do- manually set a guide rate from the handbox,
the rate it will "restore" at boot time may be very bizarre
(perhaps dangerous), since the memory area i'm restoring -from- won't be pre-set.
If you want 66%, you need to manually set it.

Also: setting  the guide rate remotely (:RgXXX#) will -not- be stored for the next power-up.

Also: due to space considerations, choosing the "Save Guide Rate" patch
option means you canNOT also have it remember the Tracking Rate across
So you have to choose "Save Guide Rate" -or- "Custom Tracking Rate"
(or neither) when you apply the patch.
You CAN still patch for 10x finer Tracking Rate control.

Unlike previous kits, kit 42gg14 does -not- pre-select the "Custom
Tracking Rate" choice (it also does not pre-select "Save Guide").

have fun

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