Last updated: 9 July 2006
Subject:	Patch Kit for v43Ea
Sent:	Friday, July 7, 2006 06:42:39
From:	richard seymour (
Here's the full patch kit for Meade's v43Ea firmware for the 497/495 Autostars.

This kit optionally provides:

(a)  Display and Editing of Drive Training Values
(b)  Optional Automatic Satellite Track starting at down-count=zero
(c)  *Optional CordWrap control for all scopes
(d)  Optional LPI Autoguiding of Alt/Az mounted scopes (enabled)
(e)  Version number change from 43Ea  to 43aa (so Initialization shows 43a)
(f)  *Optional (but disabled) SkipDate patch (see below)
(g)  Adds "peek" and "poke" functions for use with Andrew Johansen's PEC editors.
(h)  Adds the Meade 4504 and 114EQ-DH4 to the Known Telescope Models list.
      (Removes the DS-70 AND ds-2060 models (to provide space for the above)*.
(i)  *Provides PEC Timing data for customized final drive gearing.
(j)  *Fool DSI to Autoguide an Alt/Az mounted scope.
(k)  Ability to avoid the  "0 for Tour" prompt
(l)  Ability to avoid the  "0 for Align" prompt
(m)  Ability to save and recover Custom Tracking Rate across power cycles.
(o)  Magnifies Custom Tracking Rate control to 0.01% of sidereal.
(p)  Slow down Spiral Search
(q)  makes 909 APM work on -all- telescope models
(r)  adds short delay at boot-up to allow ETX80-TC clock module to be found

Each of those items can be individually selected or avoided,
see the included ReadMe file for details.

have fun

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