Last updated: 6 January 2009
Subject:	21st edition Patch kit for 43Eg Autostar firmware
Sent:	Saturday, January 3, 2009 14:09:27
From:	richard seymour (
Here's the latest edition of my (now "our") patch kit for Meade's
497 Autostar version 43Eg firmware.

Andrew Johansen has contributed two -major- sections.
The first fixes a bug which affects all LX90-GPS owners whose site
is in the eastern hemisphere (i.e. east of Greenwich).
At those sites, the Meade GPS codes really messes up.
If you're within 40km of a known (to the Autostar) city, it will fill
your Autostar's "short site list".  If you're more than 40 km from a
known city, it will use that -city's- Lat/Long, instead of the Lat/Long
provided by the GPS receiver.  This patch kit -fixes- that, and your
Autostar will use the Lat/Long provided by the GPS
(this already works in the western hemisphere, so North and South American
sites do -not- require this patch)

Andrew's second contribution is a rewrite of the "PEC Editor hooks"
section to gives his PEC editor much more and cleaner access to the
497 Autostar's memory.  This allows it to read and update the PEC
in a 497 without losing "sync" with the worm system (you still have to
PARK the scope after every session to keep the PEC in sync).
To make use of these new PEC editor hooks, you need Andrew's newest
PEC Editor (beta) version, posted in late December.  Fetch from here:
(scroll down for the beta)

The edition also adds (compared to the previous version) the ability to
prevent the display from dimming after 12 minutes of not tapping a key.

As always, download the patch kit, unZip the file, read the ReadMe for
more information.
If you rename (or copy) the "patch43gg21.txt" file to "patch43gg21.spf",
and place it in StarPAtch's folder (\Program Files\Pixsoft\StarPatch)
then StarPatch will be able to find it and provide a "tick list" of
the sub-sections of the kit... which is much easier to deal with than
editing the patch43gg21.txt to choose (and un-choose) the patches.

have fun

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