Last updated: 16 June 2008
Subject:	Autostar, GPS, Oslo and Haugesund changes
Sent:	Thursday, June 12, 2008 23:00:27
From:	richard seymour (
Back in June 2007, there was a post about a problem with the LX90-GPS
trying to use Oslo's coordinates for Haugesund if took a GPS Fix.
I have finally realized that i repair the -symptom-, even if i cannot repair
the cause.

The "repair" is to replace Oslo's Lat Long (59d 56m N, 10d 45m E) in the Autostar's
database with those of Haugesund (59 d 27m N, 5 18 E)

This patch (for firmware version v43Eg) will do that:
[move Oslo to Haugesund]
R  b1229  0e  0d
R  b122a  0c  ef
R  b122b  fd  fe
R  b122c  7b  c2
The 497 will still call it "Oslo",  but the location will be Haugesund

If you have never applied one of my kits,
download the kit for v43Eg from Mike Weasner's site:
and add the above 6 lines to the end of "patch43gg17.txt".
Then apply the patch per the instructions in the ReadMe file.

have fun


We might as well go a little further and change the text
"Oslo" to "Haug", too:

[move Oslo to Haugesund]
R b1229 0e 0d   Lat (in minutes)
R b122a 0c ef
R b122b fd fe   Long (in -minutes)
R b122c 7b c2

R ad0a8  4f  48   O->H
R ad0a9  53  61   S->a
R ad0aa  4c  76   L->u
R ad0ab  4f  67   O->g

have fun


From:	Jan Henrik Kolst (
Thanhs for the info,

I've tried the new version 43gg(modified)
Here is the result:

After loading the new version 43gg (modified) I reset and trained both
drives.It is daytime here now so I couldn't Calibrate sensors. Then I
started Auto Alignment and Capella and Aldebaran were chosen. I checked
with my map and they were in the region where the scope pointed. I
checked Lattitude an Altitude which were: 59.56 N and 10.45 E. The
coordinates for Oslo.I checked the version which was: 43gg in Autostar.

Have I done something wrong or is this how it should be.


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