Last updated: 31 October 2005

patch kit for LX200gps 4.0L

Sent:	Monday, October 31, 2005 19:48:21
From:	richard seymour (
Attached is a  patch kit for the LX200gps firmware version 4.0l

This kit does not have -all- of the usual LX200gps kit features,
due to difficulties in getting them all to fit in the nooks and
crannies of this particular firmware version.  I expect
to be posting a more complete version later.
This kit has most of the usual features, plus some
new ones to counteract some of v4.0l's native 'features'.

This kit has:
Display and Editing of Drive Training Values
Optional Automatic Satellite Track starting at down-count=zero
Version number change from 4.0l to 4.0L
Adds "peek"  function for use with Andrew Johansen's PEC editors.
Adds :gpr# and :gpx# serial commands for greater access to the GPS receiver.
Override "Not Aligned" test
Allow 25000% Guide Rate
Turn OFF Front Panel Power socket (Fan) at boot.
Ability to surpress "0 to Align" and "0 for Tour" prompts.

The planned future update will add:
(maybe) Display PEC values during Training/Updating
Remembers and restores a Custom Tracking Rate setting across power-cycles.
"? for SYNC" (for folks whose [enter] key is wearing out)
10x Finer Control of Custom Tracking Rate (0.01% steps)

Unzip the file, read the readme, click the ClickMe, update...

have fun

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