Last updated: 18 November 2002

Autostar Tour Simulator

Subject:	Autostar tour emulator
Sent:	Saturday, November 16, 2002 3:29:03
From: (Jonathan Bradshaw)
I've been obsessing myself with writing Autostar tours for my ETX of
late which has helped me concentrate my observing sessions on small
portions of the sky rather than sweeping around my favourites.

Anyway, to the point... writing an testing these things is a real pain
so I've written an Autostar emulator to help me, which has helped me
de-bug some scripts that the handbox accepted but didn't seem to work
how I'd expected them to. It's entirely in Javascript / IE6 html, and
totally untested in any other environment so it may fall apart when

If you would like to have a go, it's at:

Tour Simulator

I would love feedback on browser compatibility as well as bugs and
omissions (known ones I have documented on the page) - I've got to that
stage where I don't seem to spot them anymore.

Dark sky's, new batteries,

Jonathan Bradshaw.

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