Last updated: 4 August 2006
Subject:	Design flaw in Meade ETX 125 damages cable
Sent:	Sunday, July 23, 2006 04:00:08
From:	Sigmund Skjelnes (
While working on some hardstop issue on an ETX 125, I'd discovered that
the four wires which are threaded through the spindle are colliding with
the top of the battery box. This will wear out the wires in the long
run. I'd fix this by making five washers, these are marked by those red
arrows on the enclosed picture. They're fixed with "superglue". The
bottom plate is moved three millimeters away from the casing, this will
give the wires more room to be able to move as they should as the
telescope is rotating. The screws for mounting the scope to the tripod
is running through these holes, and are given 3 mm less in length to
hold the telescope, but they're still long enough. I'd think this is
subject to all the ETX 125's.



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