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the famous "SuperCharge"

Last updated: 11 August 2012

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The Famous "SuperCharge"


Presenting "blueprint" optimal performance for any telescope made...

Currently, The Arkansas Sky Observatory has provided the Supercharge nearly every country
in the world, including telescopes going to the jungles of Africa, the Amazon, the deserts
of Saudi Arabia and even within the polar arctic circles! The reason for the POPULARITY
of the Supercharge? IT WORKS. Turn your telescope into the equivalent of a "blueprinted
race car" that puts out peak performance and the assurance of years of reliable and
accurate service without the need for worry in the middle of a dark night.

important note.....

At present the demand for Supercharge Service is very high and telescopes are taken in a
first -come, first-served basis; those NEW telescopes being shipped direct from dealers or
from the manufacturer are given "first in" status, meaning that scheduling allows for
those to be processed immediately upon receipt. Note that total turn time is still only
7-10 days from receipt of scope until packed and ready to ship!

Supercharge Elite Available for ALL Telescopes !!

NOW including the 700meg SkyPak Astronomy Data DVD !!

From the Arkansas Sky Observatory

Now for ALL Telescopes, LARGE and small....find yours in the list below! NOT LISTED? Simply inquire as to price and service options for YOUR equipment!!

** THE SUPERCHARGE now includes, but is NOT limited to the following telescopes:

- Meade:

ETX (including all LNT, PE and EC models)

90 (EC,PE and RA models)

LX 90 (all sizes - 8, 10, and 12!)

LX 200 "Classic" (non GPS models, 8, 10, 12 and 16 inch)

LX 200 GPS, ACF, and "R" Series, all sizes

MEADE RCX Telescopes!

CELESTRON all NexStar, CGE, CPC and CGM Telescopes, all sizes!
ALL Meade and Celestron refractor and Newtonian series telescopes

- Celestron:

CELESTRON all NexStar, CGE, CPC and CGEM Telescopes, all sizes!

Nexstar - all models
Classic and GEM - All models (no matter WHAT color!)

- OTA CONVERSIONS! Available for Celestron telescopes; convert the thermal-troubling thick aluminum to a fine quality nearly ZERO-expansion Carbon Fiber OTA! Custom and highly quality flocked materials only used!

- Losmandy Mounts:
Optimization of all fine Losmandy German Equatorial Mounts, including:

- GM-8

- GM-11

- Titan

- ALL other major brands of refractors, SCTs and Newtonian telescopes. Orion, Losmandy, AP, TV, TMB....

- Restoration Services AVAILABLE for all vintage and rare telescopes. Quality service - write for QUOTE.

BONUS!! Every telescope mounting features completely re-worked DEC drives, clamps and clutch assemblies for better holding power, better clamping and much better GO TO and tracking accuracy. Optimized for the best sidereal tracking

BONUS!! Every GO TO telescope with programmable computer functions is shipped complete with the LATEST in the most recent comets, NEOs and tours available....up to 50 tours can be loaded onto YOUR telescope as can be the most recent comets that appear in the sky.

Added Bonus - ....when you specify YOUR home computer planetarium program operating platform (i.e., STARRY NIGHT, GUIDE 8, THE SKY, DEEPSKY 2003, etc.) you will be sent at absolutely NO additional charge a complete SKYPAK DVD with comet, asteroid, NEO and other data provided for your desktop PC to operate alongside your computer, whether to generate tonight's charts for new comet discoveries OR to computer-operate your telescope. Take advantage of this special offer while I still have the time to provide this unique service!

With all Meade Autostar-operated AND other programmable Supercharged telescopes will be the custom NEWLY UPDATED SKY-PAK 700-meg DVD which will contain the entire library of objects (updated regularly) for:

1) up to 165 comets CURRENT to within one week via the Harvard Comet postings

2) up to 120 asteroids CURRENT to within two weeks via the Harvard Minor Planet Center

3) major satellites; (to be updated by user for changing elements!)

4) more than 70 custom Autostar Tours to add and move as YOU see fit!

5) NOW with over 700 megs of astronomical freeware, programs, helpful tips, repair tips and illustrations, operation and alignment guides and much much more! This unique ASO SKY-PAK is exclusive and only available through your ASO Supercharge Service!

This added value feature will allow YOU to transfer in and out via the newest ASU Autostar (or other PC telescope program) updater program computed objects and tours as you see fit. All you must do is copy and paste each of the files individually onto the Autostar Library Edit Screen of the Meade ASU 4.61 or more recent autoupdater ...then transferring to YOUR telescope or handbox is a snap!

This complete ephemeris library package is offered for Supercharge telescopes which feature updateable computer controllers (Meade Autostar or PC control The file format is supported by nearly all desktops for instant drag and drop, copy and paste, or file transfer to the complete new Meade ASU 4.6! NOTE: this offer is good until further notice and the file is updated weekly to include ALL the latest comets, asteroids and important data for the computer operation of YOUR telescope.

CAN BE used on any PC program to update and add tours and create your own telescope database library.

Among the many features found on this DVD are:

1) the complete Harvard ephemeris listing of all comets current to within one week;

2) the same for all the brightest asteroids current for small to large amateurtelescopes;

3) satellite ephemerides;

4) the complete package of ephemeris data loaded into the "open" format to instantly load into your Autostar ASU update program that you have installed on your PC;

5) the 1950 epoch conversion program (complete!) for you to load up on the desktop of your PC to determine today's location of celestial objects after precession since 1950;

6) the complete summary description of all objects in the Autostar 497 database, including hundreds of bright stars and the object listing, this compiled by Dick Seymour;

7) URL listing for a wonderful new "two star" program to pick your night and location PERFECT two stars for accurate ETX and LX precision alignment;

8) Considerable TELESCOPE MAINTENANCE and operation tips for ALL telescopes, including Autostar, LX 200, NexStar and all telescopes cleaning procedures, adjustments and overall information to maximize your observing pleasure and time.

9) The complete ZIP files for the most current versions of Autostar firmware for both Autostar and Autostar II!

Following is a summary checklist of what the Supercharge service entails.
It is the most comprehensive evaluation and modification (without changing ANY of the internal or external integrity) available to any model of telescope. I fully guarantee the results that will result in much greater satisfaction from you and performance for your telescope. When your scope is returned, you will have a full three-page evaluation and performance summary of virtually every aspect: from electronic to mechanical, to optical quality. Service is warranted only to the ability of your telescope's manufacturing and construction.


1) optical performance;

2) mechanical performance in both tracking and Go To;

3) electrical integrity and performance;

4) electronic performance and output;

5) inherent RESALE value of your instrument!

6) cosmetic perfection of scope and mount!

NOTE that the service (and thus the description which follows) will vary from model to model and that ALL telescope brands, types and ages are welcome for the SuperCharge service!

** NOTE: due to only three unscrupulous clients in a five year period:
Supercharge history that has served hundreds of astronomers worldwide, it MUST be stated that your telescope will be returned to you in the finest "possible" working order; many times manufacturing defects result in telescopes that will have life-long inherent problems from poor castings, improper fitting and drilling, etc. EVERY such defect is corrected to the
best possible solution.

The ASO Supercharge Guarantee is that extreme care and workmanship will result in the best possible operation of your telescope once returned, both optically and mechanically. Issues that are not correctable OR those that may be manufacturing defects are always eluded to and discussed on the work sheets that are returned with the telescope.

CANCELLATIONS: Due to the overwhelming requests for Supercharge service, any scheduled appointments that are cancelled must be 60 days prior to receipt of telescope upon scheduled appointment date OR a 25% cancellation fee will apply. No exceptions....sorry, but this is a must due to the number of folks turned down from lack of available slots.

SCHEDULING in advance: because of the tremendous demand for Supercharge service, any appointment that is scheduled more than 30 days PRIOR to scheduled date must be confirmed with payment in full.

The requests always come in very regularly, but I always take the scopes on a first-come basis through an appointment method. For example if you told me to expect your telescope (allowing for shipping to me) on "April 8-10" I would block off those dates to work exclusively on YOUR telescope, no others.

It is that simple. This is a VERY limited personal and exclusive
service. EVERY telescope is done one-at-a-time. HOWEVER, it never hurts to e-mail first....many times I am ahead of schedule, or perhaps waiting on a client's telescope that has not arrived. Why wait if a quick inquiry can get me started on YOUR telescope TODAY!

PRIOR TO SHIPPING THE TELESCOPE - you will need to a-mail with a FIRM date and tell me the following immediately via e-mail upon scheduling YOUR Supercharge. This is so that the paperwork, certification papers and metal plate and all custom Autostar data is ready when your scope is received:

1) date of purchase of scope

2) who it was purchased from (new or used) and if warranty still applies

3) any known problems optically or mechanically

4) your exact observing locations (up to four) in either Lat. and Long. or Street # and Zip Code;

5) mode of operation (I.a., Polar orientation or Alt-Azimuth)

6) complete return UPS address.

Ship SCOPE, AUTOSTAR (if applicable) or telescope hand control and all cables, eyepieces if you want them checked, collimated & cleaned (up to three [3] at no additional charge...all eyepieces/barlows, etc over 3, please add $10 per item additional), a postal or major money order for the service and a check for RETURN SHIPPING via UPS
insured to:

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod - Arkansas Sky Observatory
#73 Tanyard Springs Road, Petit Jean Mountain
Morrilton, AR (Arkansas) 72110


Because of years of shipping experience, both incoming and outgoing, I offer the following suggestions pertaining to shippers/carriers:

Small instruments: UPS or Fed Ex Express Saver AIR or Fed Ex Ground.

Medium-sized scopes: UPS (up to 89 pounds) 3-day Select OR Fed Ex Air / Yellow Motor Freight (now Yellow Roadway) Exact Express

Large Telescopes: Fed Ex Freight / UPS Supply Chain Solutions / Yellow Motor Freight or ABF Freight Systems.

Current Pricing: The complete "Supercharge" service package (repair parts are always extra!) is ONLY: (PLUS return shipping!)

*** $345 for the ETX telescopes (all models)
*** $475 for the LX 90-8, Nextar 4 and 5 and all similar socpes
*** $495 for LX 200-8" (classic, ACF, or GPS models), 8" Celestron and all similar
*** $575 for LX 200-10" (classic, ACF or GPS) and 7" Maksutov, Meade LX 90-10, 9.25" Celestron and similar
*** $675 for LX 200-12" (classic, ACF or GPS), Meade LX90-12

*** $895 for LX 200-14" GPS/ACF

*** Meade RCX Scopes: 8 - $595; 10 - $695; 12 - $795; 14 - $945
*** call for quotes on 16" and larger telescopes.....Supercharge is done ON site by appointment for larger and observatory-mounted telescopes.

*** Full observatory installation and evaluation/planning services are available for private observatories, schools and institutions.

*** Similar pricing on ALL similar model telescopes and mounts (e-mail with the brand, year of manufacturer and type for exact quote) plus your return shipping which you want to include in a separate check. NOTE: The price is subject to change. ANY TYPE TELESCOPE will benefit from the service, whether computerized or not.


The basic Supercharge DOES NOT INCLUDE repair work over and above performance enhancement and tune-up; repair work and replacement of broken/worn parts IS available at extra cost, depending on the cost of parts and labor. Extra time is allowed for all telescopes needing repair work. A complete evaluation of YOUR telescope will be made upon receipt and you will be informed if any repairs might be necessary for the future performance of your telescope; otherwise, every aspect is typically enhanced or repaired without replacement if possible.

****If your telescope is in need of repair this must be STATED when arranging your appointment, and clearly stated as to degree of damage or repair needed; any telescope that is received that is broken or needing repair that was shipped that way without notification will be reboxed and RETURNED TO SHIPPED immediately. A 25% processing fee will be charged for telescopes so returned.
Beginning immediately the service fee INCLUDES at no extra charge the fabulous and popular certification plate mounted on your telescope! This beautiful black engraved plate gives a distinctive look and value to your telescope, denoted the exact registered Supercharge certification number as well as your telescope model and the Supercharge trademark. In
ADDITION, the custom ephemeris package for all comet, asteroid, satellite and custom tour data is also supplied at NO CHARGE to Supercharge clients!

Remember, it is VERY important to advise me on your date prior to sending. Right now, with the interest in astronomy at an all time high please schedule at your convenience.....if possible, I can attempt to work in a client with extenuating circumstances at an earlier date.



Why play with the pups when you can run with the Big Dogs? For a limited time and on a first-come, first-served basis Clay Sherrod is offering his well-known "Supercharge Plus Tune-Up" to supercharge your telescope, NO MATTER WHAT BRAND or model! This spectacular telescope makeover can turn your mediocre-performing telescope into a performance giant with minimum backlash, firm clamping capability, precision tracking and GO TO drive performance, total de-greasing and backlash adjustment and careful protective wire routing.

ALL MODELS ACCEPTED: At the present time, all model telescopes are being accepted and all models are invited. Every telescope is modified one-at-a-time with considerable care and attention to detail by a retired astronomer who is offering this service on a limited basis.

This "supercharge" is well known among all telescope users and begins with an 102-POINT (!) inspection and modification plan to determine all
mechanical and optical problem areas that the telescope may have; telescopes under warranty can benefit from this as well, since the inspection (not the "supercharge") does not intrude on the workings of the telescope, only inspects what the manufacturer has put there. Any cracked, broken, missing or otherwise damaged warranty-covered items are quickly identified to the owner who in turn can obtain either a warranty fix or request replacements.

The actual "SuperCharge" is a five to seven day procedure in which the telescope is diagnosed and corrected (if necessary) for the following
problems that CAN BE inherent in many telescopes, new and used:

This will identify ANY and all areas, both optically and mechanically that your scope may be deficient in as well as warranty claim areas/components that are likely covered by the manufacturer.

Supercharge includes at LEAST the following inspections, but is not restricted to.....
[will vary from telescope type to type!....every telescope is as different as snowflakes!]

1) Drive Train - OR.A./Azimuth (all minor reduction gears are checked and secured)
a) complete degreasing of mechanical components and optical encoder;
b) process cleaning and polishing of RA clutch plate and realignment and "turning" to drive gear;
c) worm driver/drive gear adjustment to minimize backlash;
d) set torque on worm driver gear and adjust "UP" bracket to mesh properly with drive gear;
e) inspect and adjust main RA axis and holding nut to proper torque to minimize azimuth "play";
f) provide custom friction clutch for RA locking mechanism;
g) re-route and secure base wiring to minimize common shorting;
h) adjust clutch/clamping mechanism internally;
I) adjust clamping mechanism externally;
j) test motors / test backlash / test clamping / test "Motor Failure" / test reversal rates;
k) adjust and secure RA setting circle for more effectiveness;
l) replace/repair any damaged parts (extra) per instructions of owner;
m) complete sidereal tracking percentage testing both AC and DC (if applicable);
n) hand-highlighted RA and DEC indicator arrows accurately rendered
o) highlighted optimum axis locking positions if applicable.

2) Drive Train - Declination (Altitude) (all minor reduction gearing is checked and secured)
a) complete degreasing of declination drive and associated bearings, etc.;
b) clean and polish clutch plate to "marry" to DEC drive gear;
c) set worm driver and drive gear load to minimize backlash;
d) adjust torque on worm driver assembly;
e) reset worm driver assembly in "U" housing;
f) adjust both fork arm trunions and fit with "rocking reducers;"
g) set bushing in DEC lock mechanism;
h) apply rubber bushing to front of OTA support arm to minimize rocking;
i) re-route all wiring and secure to minimize shorting;
j) adjust clamping firmness and test;
k) install slippage reducers for DEC circle and adjust circle accurately;
l) test motor / test backlash / test clamping / test reversal and delay times.
m) replace / repair and damaged parts (extra) at instruction of owner.

3) ETX / LX-90 (only) Calibration Process - AutoStar must be included with telescope shipment!
a) Complete download (basic) to current version of ETX or LX AutoStar firmware if not already loaded; AutoStar upload contains the complete PACKAGE (see PART 3!) that is current
for the month in which the scope is received;
b) System reset for calibration;
c) Precise optical bench "Train Motor" calibration, not outdoors on a terrestrial object!
d) Motor calibration tested and reset again if necessary for backlash control;
e) Your percentages for Altitude and Azimuth backlash compensation are determined and set for YOUR telescope;
f) Telescope is star tested for: GO TO / Slewing at all speeds / Sidereal and Lunar tracking rates and accuracy / Alignment precision / System Backlash;
g) Autostar is set to precise latitude, longitude of the observer's four (4) choice locations ( location profiles and landmarks must be supplied by
owner to determine precise values);
h) Owner information is entered based on the owner's supplied information;
i) Autostar functionality and GOTO accuracy is tested after all uploading and modification.

4) GPS TELESCOPES (Meade LX 200 GPS and NexStar GPS)
The Supercharge for these telescopes includes all of the basics plus MUCH more;
included are a thorough 2-day testing and precision monitoring of self-leveling, home sensing, GPS acquisition and locking, alignment star acquisition and precision, scope parking and much more....when you get YOUR GPs scope back from Supercharge, you do not have to "wonder" where it is going to "go" when you first turn it on.....all the bugs have been exterminated!

Yes, be sure and put your GPS coordinates in as accurately as possible; you can put in UP TO FIVE sites, so any other areas you think you will be observing from, list those as well. I can get you down to about 10 feet of accuracy on your AutoStar. I usually leave one of the five as "alternate" (that's what you will select to under "Site") so you can enter wherever you go on vacation, etc.

4) All optics are inspected, collimated (if necessary) including eyepieces, finderscopes, filters, etc. Telescope, mounting, eyepieces (if included)
and all accessory equipment - finders, hand controls, electronic cables and connections etc. - are cleaned and protected prior to return shipping. Mounting is cleaned and overcoated for protection; all moving parts properly lubricated, front meniscus lens or corrector plate is carefully cleaned as are all included optical surfaces.
NOTE: the finder is NOT aligned and is typically removed from the telescope prior to return shipping! It is advised that the finder NOT be mounted during shipment as damage can easily occur; merely slip the finder out of its bracket and include wrapped separately!

5) Minor hardware that is worn or rusted or not up to standard - as well as new fittings necessary for the precision operation for Supercharge - is replaced at no additional charge.

6) Hard Case, if included, is treated, cleaned and refurbished as best possible.

7) The distinctive black enameled Prestige Supercharge I.D. Plate is NOW INCLUDED with every SuperCharge at NO additional cost! Also the ASO "graduation diploma", a fine parchment document certifying your Supercharged telescope and registration number is included.

8) ALSO included: SKYPAK complete ephemeride library for comets, asteroids, tours, satellites on diskette for your desktop computer.

Other repair work that might need to be done (broken, cracked or worn parts) can always be performed, with prior authorization by the client. A firm quote on any such repairs (even if not done) is always included with the evaluation. CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS and additions can be arranged with aftermarket performance enhancing accessories drop-shipped to the Observatory prior to the scope being received for SuperCharge!

This offer is not a matter of is a matter of performance: MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. Serious ETX, LX, Celestron and other telescope users who want the very best performance from their blue package of dynamite will certainly benefit from this service. For casual observing, my advice is always free and the service may not be necessary. But for the demanding and discriminating observer, YOUR ETX, LX or other telescope can perform the way you always wanted and anticipated, both optically and mechanically.

Spend your time observing and not fussing at a less-than-standard performance. Combined with Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX web site's and the LX 90, MAPUG, LX200 Yahoo and NexStar discussion groups, with authoritative technical support from ETX, LX and modern telescope users worldwide, Dr. Clay's Telescope "Supercharge" will put your telescope ahead of the pack! It WILL perform the way you thought it should....and better.

*** All telescope work is done ONLY by Dr. P. Clay Sherrod, a retired astronomer/educator with over 41 years of astronomical, mechanical and educational experience in the field, and the author of several books and numerous articles in astronomy and physical sciences.

Serious inquiries only, please! Service is available by e-mailing to:
for availability and scheduling. Work is done by appointment only, and your schedule will be maintained on a timely basis.
Presently there is a two-week backlog.

PART 3 - (MEADE and similar PC Programmable SCOPES ONLY!)


"Select-Your-Own-Tour" Custom Autostar Bonus!

{MEADE] CURRENT AUTOSTAR VERSION LOADED: Meade ASU 4.6 program (or similar) w/ the ASO custom tour/ephemeride/calibration program for YOUR custom observing requirements. NOTE: firmware loaded is best choice based on performance and review at ASO and may NOT be current/lateset version.

Your own custom-selected PC Planetarium Program OR AutoStar TOUR PACKAGE is now available with EVERY Supercharge Tune Up. The complete custom upload portion of your Supercharge is an important part of the enjoyment and effectiveness of your telescope experience. Because of the growing demand for planned and efficient observing sessions, we are now offering CUSTOM tour SELECTION by YOU when you send in your telescope for a Supercharge!

There is NO additional cost to have YOUR personal tour package loaded onto your AutoStar when you obtain the Supercharge!

Likewise, any previous Meade Supercharge client may have his or her AutoStar updated AT ANY TIME for only $25 + $5.75 Priority Return Mail with newer or different tours/versions/ephemerides by merely sending in the Autostar! Your AutoStar will be uploaded and on its way back to you the SAME DAY it is received!

Surfing the net has revealed some of the BEST in all there is as far as Tours for your telescope's PC planetarium and sky programs as well as the Meade Autostar and the selection that you see listed below
will change everytime a new tour is determined to fit the criteria of the Supercharge client needs; the five Meade standard tours are obviously included but the selection has now expanded with the tremendous wealth of freeware available to include very object- and constellation-specific computer assisted observing programs.

You can select constellation tours.....deep sky object tours.....double star guided tours....objects to observe in city conditions.....the very best NGC objects out there....the selected finest objects for any given night. The list is wonderful and it grows nearly every month. And as it grows, it enables YOU to select the tours that you would like to have access to on your Autostar!

You may choose ANY combination of tours that suits your personal observing needs! Select from the following tour listing. Remember that the "Guided Tour" Library for your AutoStar cannot exceed more than 60k (based on the tour writers' exact memory requirement shown with each tour below); listings for satellites has been reduced significantly to assist in allowing extra room for smaller tours; since the orbital elements of satellites change frequently, there really is no need to "waste" available space on obsolete satellite ephemerides anyway.

*** OR....if you cannot decide....then let us load our special 18-TOUR package for you, which includes the BEST of all tours!

Thus, merely add up the total memory required (you will see the space required "k" at the end of each tour) for all tours selected and work with
the combinations until you have a set of tours that are catered to your observing preferences but DO NOT exceed the total memory available!

You can always request special loading of library/ephemerides with your upgrade. For example, many observers are interested in satellite tracking and the number of entries can be increased as necessary.

UNLESS SPECIFIED here is a complete list of your AutoStar Library that you will receive with every Supercharge (see below for complete TOUR descriptions):
#497 Autostar I
1) The sun (listed as an asteroid - "Sun2001")
2) asteroids - up to 144
3) comets - up to 155 subject to change as new comets are discovered and old ones fade away!)
4) satellites - 2 only (ISS & Hubble) [user installs his/her own choices based on current orbital parameters!]
5) celestial objects - standard AutoStar, 30,000+ stars and deep sky objects
6) all planets, moon
7) all basic and standard Meade AutoStar functions
8) standard loaded TOURS
- CONSTELLATION TOURS - custom tours
- Scorpius
- Sagittarius
- Bootes
- Leo
- Auriga
- Andromeda
- Cetus
- Taurus
- Cassiopeia
- Orion's Best Multiple Stars
- Pretty Double Stars
- Carbon Stars
- "Tonight's Best"
- "Messier Marathon"
- "Sky Gems, Part 1"
- "Sky Gems, Part 2"

However, if you wish to pick and choose your OWN tours "cafeteria style," then when sending in the ETX or LX for your Supercharge (or just your post-Supercharged AutoStar for an update), merely write out carefully the exact list you desire, up to the 60k limit. It is as simple as that!

Here are your current (including, but NOT restricted to .... the list is quite extensive!!) tour descriptions and options:
CITY OBJECTS - The finest objects visible for urban / city observers with bright sky conditions. Ideal for backyard observing!The American Association of Amateur Astronomers has created a List of Deep Sky Objects (and double and variable stars) for Northern hemisphere observers living in urban regions compiled by John Wagoner. Meade tour file. 3k.

PLANETARY NEBULAE - The entire listing of suitable and observable Planetary Nebulae visible in amateur telescopes!All NGC Planetary Nebula Written by Kenneth N. Hicks References: Revised New General Catalogue and Index Catalogue*** Version: February 2001 **by Wolfgang Steinicke SIZE: 11k.

GLOBULAR CLUSTERS - An exciting GO TO listing Tour of all globular clusters, many of which may NOT be visible in small telescopes. All 147 Known Milky Way Globular Clusters sorted by RA -Written by Kenneth N. Hicks - References: W.E. Harris, 1996-1999 Catalog of Parameters for Milky Way Globular Clusters , AJ, 112, 1487. Revision of June 22, 1999 ;
SIZE: 13k

THE BEST NGC OBJECTS - a hand-picked selection of the best and most exciting NGC (New General Catalog) objects!// The RASC's Finest N.G.C. Objects List - The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) has published this list in their yearly Observer's Handbook which is edited by Roy L. Bishop. The Finest N.G.C. Objects List was compiled by Alan Dyer. Meade tour file by Paul St. Amand. SIZE: 2k

TEXT "Scorpius" The constellation Scorpius is best viewed in June and July. It is fairly low in the south and the curved tail can be difficult for
northern latitudes. Scorpius has many bright stars. There are 13 stars of at least magnitude 3.0 - more than any other northern constellation. Press MODE to begin then press SCROLL DOWN ARROW after the beep. SIZE: 3k

19:03:00 -28d36m00s "Sagittarius" Sagittarius is best viewed In July and August. This constellation is in the heart of the Milky Way near our
galaxy's largest star clouds and dark dust lanes. There are so many star clouds and so much dust that we cannot see very far in this direction, but
we know that the center of the galaxy is in there. A huge black hole attracts the dust and stars so strongly that they spiral toward it to be
pulled apart in a relativistic cataclysm. Wouldn't you love to see that and understand those processes? Press MODE to begin then press SCROLL DOWN ARROW after the beep. SIZE: 4k

AURIGA TOUR - a tour of Auriga based on Clay Sherrod's Constellation GO TO Guides on Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX website ( by Autostar expert Dick Seymour - TITLE "Clay's Auriga Tour" AUTO SELECT TEXT "Intro" Use the MODE and scroll keys to navigate. All the very best deep sky objects and multiple stars in this fall/winter constellation.

LEO TOUR - a tour of Leo based on Clay Sherrod's Constellation GO TO Guides on Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX website ( by May 2001 - TITLE "Leo Tour" AUTO SELECT TEXT "Intro" "Based on Clay Sherrod's "Go-To Leo." Use the MODE and scroll keys to navigate. All the very best deep sky objects and multiple stars in this
springtime constellation.

BOOTES TOUR - a tour of Bootes and nearby objects based on Clay Sherrod's Constellation GO TO Guides on Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX website by Jim May 2001 - TITLE "Bootes Tour AUTO SELECT TEXT "Intro" "Based on Clay Sherrod's "Go-To Bootes." Use the MODE and scroll keys to navigate. Lots of great objects in this wonderful springtime constellation! SIZE: 4k

Clay Sherrod's Andromeda Tour - Visit the following web sites: The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES. Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 9.5k

Clay Sherrod's Draco Tour-Visit the following web sites: The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 10.8k

Clay Sherrod's Perseus Tour - The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES. Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 14.5k

Clay Sherrod's Pisces Tour - Visit the following web sites: The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES - Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 10.8k

Clay Sherrod's Taurus Tour - Visit the following web sites: The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES. Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 14.2k

Clay Sherrod's Cassiopeia Tour - Visit the following web site: The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES. Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 11.2k

Clay Sherrod's Cetus Tour - Visit the following web site: The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES. Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 17.3k

Clay Sherrod's Virgo Tour - Visit the following web site: The Arkansas Sky Observatory - for all of Dr. Clay's Constellation GO TO GUIDES. Tour Created by Joe Walker. Size: 19.2k

ORION DOUBLES - 32 multiple star in Orion for Autostar handboxes - by Jose L. Chinchilla. Madrid. SpainTITLE "Orion multiples" - AUTO SELECT TEXT "Introduction" "32 multiple stars in Orion" based on Luis Arguelles' list (S&T Feb 2000)." This tour information is given for each system: Name, Magnitudes(Mag), Separation(Sep), Position Angle(PA)"Press MODE to start, then again MODE to next. Ordered by R.A. A great wintertime project! SIZE: 4k

TONIGHT'S BEST - Meade tour. The planets, deep sky objects, moon and special events for any given night. Great for group observing and star parties....or just a quick look around! SIZE: 3k

MESSIER MARATHON - Meade tour. Clark's Messier Marathon Tour (c) Set for your specific night! Get the MOST out of your observing time and join the "Messier Club!" SIZE: 2k

HOW FAR IS FAR? - Meade tour. This tour is designed to give you an idea of the vast distances in space. It begins with objects relatively close to Earth and works its way outward, to the edge of our galaxy and beyond. Press MODE to begin a visual journey to the far reaches of our universe. SIZE: 15k

STAR GROUPS - Meade tour. Stars, like everything else in the universe are born, live out their lives and die. Stars have extremely long lifetimes,
making it impossible for a human to observe an entire stellar life cycle. But, you can look around the sky and see examples of young stars, middle age stars and old stars, all in one night. SIZE: 12k

THE MOST COLORFUL DOUBLE STARS - "Colored Doubles" A VERY NICE quick tour of contrasting colored double stars for observing in amateur telescopes selected by Wayne Reed and sorted by RA. All stars are bright enough to be seen in the ETX 90 and most are visible in the ETX 60 and 70 as well!Data is from Edmund's Mag5 Atlas, Peterson's Guide, Starry Night software, and Sky Gems Guided Tours." SIZE: 8k

PRETTY DOUBLE STAR TOUR - Mike Hadley's "Pretty Doubles" tour - Jan 16, 2001. Tour based on article in the January 2001 issue of Sky & // Telescope by Alan Adler entitled "The Season's Prettiest Double Stars" The following information is given for each double system; Name, the magnitudes (Mag), separation (Sep), and position angle (PA). "Press MODE to start". VERY NICE for casual nights out! Size: 2k

SKY GEMS - PART I - Based on Tonight's Jewels by Mark Crossley. Objects are sorted by RA and the tour is split at Right Ascension 12:00:00. Editor: Richard B. Emerson. AUTO SELECT TEXT "Part 1" This is part 1 of 2 parts, covering RA 00:00:00 to 11:59:59. Press MODE.. AUTO SELECT TEXT "Introduction" This tour is based on the public viewing deep sky list by Steve Coe of the Saguaro Astronomy Club of Phoenix, Az. All the observation comments are his. Very complete ,comprehensive! Press MODE to start. Size 9k.

SKY GEMS - PART II - Based on Tonight's Jewels by Mark Crossley. Objects are sorted by RA and the tour is split at Right Ascension 12:00:00. Editor: Richard B. Emerson. AUTO SELECT TEXT "Part 2" This is part 2 of 2 parts, covering RA 12:00:00 to 23:59:59. Press MODE.. AUTO SELECT TEXT "Introduction" This tour is based on the public viewing deep sky list by Steve Coe of the Saguaro Astronomy Club of Phoenix, Az. All the observation comments are his. A fun space trip! Press MODE to start Size: 13k

101 Finest Deep Sky Objects - 101 of the brightest and most sure-to-please Deep Sky Objects Sorted by RA and Constellation. This tour focuses on only the brightest and most "crowd-pleasing" DSO's. Written by Kenneth N. Hicks Size: 13k

Carbon Stars - A neat small tour of the "reddest stars" known! A complete array of very old evolutionary stars which have burned all their hydrogen and helium fuels and now depend largely on actual nuclear fusion of CARBON to sustain the stellar process! Written by Tom Heisey in 2001. Size: 3k

*** This SuperCharge Plus package is just one more bonus to assist ETX and LX users in their quest for the most efficient and effective packages obtainable to make observing the beautiful heavens more rewarding, exciting and educational.

For more information, contact P. Clay Sherrod at


1. Always e-mail or call BEFORE shipping the telescope!
2. Supercharge openings MAY be available without notice! Many times I am running ahead of schedule so it always pays to check to see if I can work you in at any time!
3. Allow time for UPS or FED EX delivery incoming for your appointment! It is very important that the telescope arrive on the scheduled date since others are likely waiting!
4. It takes ONLY 5-7 working days to complete the Supercharge UNLESS repair parts are needed.
5. e-mail ALWAYS when shipped with the tracking number. Every telescope is personally picked up at the UPS office and not allowed to ride on the little brown truck all day long!
6. Send all pertinent information (Part 1 above) via e-mail PRIOR to sending the scope so that the custom Autostar package and paperwork will be READY when your scope arrives!

7. You MUST send the Service Fee at the time of setting your appointment for Supercharge; this allows for adequate scheduling and maintaing and minimum turn time for YOUR telescope!

1) First schedule your appointment!
2) If ETX or LX or and GO TO telescope you MUST include the Autostar, LX, NexStar or other controller with the telescope! Remove the finderscope from its bracket!
3) Include the controllers (if applicable), up to three eyepieces (each additional eyepiece or accessory is $10.00 each for cleaning, checking,
collimating, etc.);
4) Include a printed sheet with your name and address

5) Include a separate check OR preprinted return label (personal check is fine for this) for the return shipping PLUS insurance;
6) PACK THE TELESCOPE in the original box it came in or similar replacement; the telescope should have at LEAST 4 inches of padding (bubble wrap only! NEVER use "plastic peanuts" to pack your scope...damage will ultimately occur!!....see statement below)
completely around the instrument if NOT shipped in original box. To preserve the integrity of the original packaging I strongly suggest putting
that box INSIDE of a "slightly" larger outer cardboard box for protection;

*** DO NOT USE STYROFOAM "PEANUTS" - use ONLY foam, styrofoam pads or other material....the styrofoam peanuts will compress and NOT protect your telescope! AS OF JAN. 1, 2004, telescopes packed with plastic peanuts will NOT be accepted due to extensive damage when those are used. DO NOT let your local packing company talk you into using these...they are cheap and their profit is higher if "peanuts" are used. INSIST on bubble wrap.

7) DO NOT SEND TELESCOPE WITH BATTERIES INSTALLED!!! Take out batteries and keep for return of telescope!



#73 Tanyard Springs Road, Petit Jean Mountain

9) e-mail the tracking number immediately to: to insure safe passage and receipt of the instrument.

I look forward to providing YOU with the finest in observing precision, accuracy and enjoyment for your future years exploring the wonders of the Universe.

Until I hear from you....may the darkest skies and the brightest comets fill your nighttime dreams!



Insurance Claims may be denied if your telescope or mount is "overinsured." Do not insure except up to the replacement value of your instrument. Note also that insurance may NOT pay if the telescope is packed in such a way that shifting can occur during transit; telescopes and mounts are heavy and should NEVER be shipped with "plastic peanuts", only bubble wrap or original shipping containers from the factory.


Insure Yourself Through Homeowner Policy

This is the most recommend way of insuring your telescope's safety and assuring YOU that -in the rare case of damage - that your worthy claim will be honored as it should be. No hassling with the foreign UPS service line who could care less about your claim. Let your personal Insurance Agent handle this for you. These are typically a "no questions asked" type of policy provided that legitimate damage can be demonstrated.

To insure your telescope for the trip to Arkansas and back to you, merely contact your Insurance Agent (homeowner's, automobile, renter's) and ask for a "Rider Policy" to insure the telescope for its trip.....this is exactly like you would do if you wanted it to be covered during a vacation trip. Very easy and very cheap. It will be insured from the time it leaves until the time you receive it back.

UPS - If you ship via UPS and Desire Insurance for Shipments

As the actual owner, you are far more likely to receive an insurance settlement from any possible UPS damage by paying for both shipping and receiving shipping and insurance. Thus, it is unfortunate, but changes in insurance policy with UPS are now REQUIRING that all Supercharge customers provide their own RETURN SHIPPING INVOICE OR LABEL for the telescope package for return shipping to you. This is ONLY if you desire insurance coverage on your telescope. If you do not desire insurance on the return shipment, only the included check for return shipping is required.

If no insurance coverage is desired, this must be stated IN WRITING by you when scheduling your Supercharge (see #2, below). Packages shipped from ASO after Supercharge (if shipped by UPS) will NOT be insured, as they do not honor claims anyway.

Prepaid return labels are now required for all Supercharge customers desiring UPS insurance and absolutely no exceptions can be made; this is so that YOU can be assured that your telescope will be properly insured and that such insurance will be honored by the shipping company; recent changes in UPS shipping has resulted in a 3rd party insurance company (Crawford) that is frankly less than cooperative with claims unless the original shipper is responsible for both incoming and outgoing shipments, both in payment and in insurance coverage.

However, on the "up side" of this is getting your own label for return shipping is now very quick and easy and can be done with your local shipping company OR direct on the Internet.

NOTE that larger telescopes can be shipped fully insured via Emery Worldwide with shipping arrangements for pickup and delivery to you from this end, with shipping and insurance charges (very reasonable) paid upon receipt of your telescope when done (see below).

To Provide Your Return Own UPS Label:

option a)

To create your own RETURN UPS label via the Internet, you can visit:

and merely click on "Create a Shipment"

This will allow you to open a temporary account for your return shipment AND - if you like - your shipment into ASO for the Supercharge as well! It is actually very quick and easy and only requires a credit card to establish.

option b)

PREPAY for a shipping label and allow your UPS Store or other shipping service (i.e, Mail Boxes Etc.) to prepare your return label and INCLUDE that in the box along with your telescope coming in for Supercharge; this is perhaps the best method. Just let them know that the return shipment will be identical in every way to the outgoing shipment in terms of weight, value, etc.

NOTE that the best way to return ship is to use FED EX GROUND CALL TAG PICKUP, where I alert you to the ready date of your telescope for pickup and you simply call Fed Ex Ground and ask for a "CALL TAG" pickup, where the driver brings a printed label and has the telescope on its way; Fed Ex will charge the shipping on your credit card! It's that simple!

option c)

larger telescopes: all LX 200, Celestron and larger telescopes are recommended to be shipped ONLY via Fed Ex Express Saver or UPS for both safety and value. They are handled far better with very little package (external, visible) damage, packages are cleaner and they arrive in far better condition overall.

option d) larger telescopes: for all large telescopes of 50 pounds are greater, you might consider Emery Worldwide with freight charges collect, which will also include your insurance fees (very modest by comparison to UPS and Fed Ex). I can arrange the return shipment from this end and your telescope can arrive at the airport for you to pick up (money saving) or delivery can be made at extra expense.


Those wishing no return insurance on their shipped telescopes can have all shipping arrangements (prepaid by customer) still made once the Supercharge is completed and I will arrange for labels and UPS pickup as normal.

No special provisions by you are necessary except the following:

1) you must state in an e-mail (to my address below) PRIOR to shipping your telescope that no insurance is desired and that you will include a return shipping charges check in the box or via Postal Service when your scope is shipped incoming for the Supercharge;

2) a letter or hand-written statement MUST be included inside the box with the telescope that NO insurance is desired on return shipping.

NOTE that no telescope will be accepted for Supercharge that does not comply with these changes in insurance coverage.

It is truly a shame that Crawford Company (UPS's "non-insuring" insurance company) has enacted a point-refusal policy such as they have and that it results in a bit of added work on everyone's parts.

However, ALL of the above methods are tried-and-true and will result in even BETTER coverage for your telescope than if it was shipped today fully insured with UPS.

Thanks for your attention and may the skies be filled with bright stars and discovery for you.

P. Clay Sherrod -

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