Albuquerque, New Mexico
29 July - 3 August 2014


Posted: 11 August 2014

We drove from our home in Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Monday, 28 July. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we did some sightseeing. Friday through Sunday we attended the Bubonicon 46 science fiction convention. We drove back home on Monday, 4 August. The links below will take you to a page of some photographs from our trip; click a thumbnail on each album to see a larger version or scroll through the photos using the arrows at the top of the page. Hope you enjoy them!

Date Places Visited (# of Photos)
29 July 2014 Albuquerque Rio Grande Zoo (44)
29 July 2014 Albuquerque Aquarium (22)
30 July 2014 Sandia Peak Tramway (23)
30 July 2014 Albuquerque Botanic Gardens (34)
31 July 2014 Santa Fe Botanical Gardens (15)
31 July 2014 Santa Fe (39)
1-3 August 2014 Bubonicon 46 (39)

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