Oregon & Washington State Trip
May 2013

Mt Rainier

Posted: 21 May 2013

We drove from Arizona to Oregon and Washington states, visiting friends and relatives, and seeing some sights. The first activity was Corflu 30 in Portland, OR. We stayed in Portland two extra days for some sightseeing. We then drove to Astoria, OR, to visit friends and see more sights. Next, we drove to Federal Way, WA (near Seattle) and visited relatives and friends, and saw even more sights. The links below show some photographs from our trip; click a thumbnail on each album to see a larger version or scroll through the photos using the arrows at the top of the page. Hope you enjoy them!

Date Places Visited (# of Photos)
3-5 May 2013 Corflu 30, Portland, OR (27)
6 May 2013 International Rose Test Garden, Portland, OR (46)
6 May 2013 Japanese Garden, Portland, OR (41)
7 May 2013 Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Portland, OR (53)
7 May 2013 Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, McMinnville, OR (53)
8 May 2013 Deer, Flavel House, Astoria Column, beach scenes in Astoria, OR (60)
9 May 2013 Beach scenes, Astoria, OR (16)
11 May 2013 Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, Federal Way, WA, and Seattle, WA (63)

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