View from Oracle

Movie from 28 August 2010. View is towards the west.

(if you see an "X" in the video window, ctrl-click or right-click to see a pop-up menu & select "View Video")


After sunset, a strong monsoon thunderstorm passed to the west of Oracle. I took a movie of the lightning using my iPhone 3GS. The video runs 5 minutes, and is mostly of the storm to the west. It briefly pans to a storm to the south. There is a lot of lightning, both cloud-to-cloud (CTC) and cloud-to-ground (CTG). There is no audio as the storms were too far away for any good thunder to be heard.

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Webcam is an Apple external iSight.
Webcam software is ImageCaster from Econ Technologies, Inc.
Movie captured and created with Daydreamer from Quandir Solutions.

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