View from Oracle

Time-Lapse Video from 27 July 2013. View is towards the west.

Monsoon Storm Time-lapse from Mike Weasner on Vimeo.

Bonus Photos and Video

One of the storms to the west as seen in the video above looked nice. I took this (cropped) photo (horizon to nearly straight up) using a D7000 DSLR and 8mm fisheye lens (180°):


The storm began intensifying so I decided to take a video of it using the fisheye lens and managed to get this lightning on one frame:


The short video below (with sound) shows the lightning at the beginning and then thunder, thunder, and more thunder:

Lightning and its thunder from Mike Weasner on Vimeo.

The storm dropped 0.32" of rain on us in 30 minutes.

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Webcam is an Apple external iSight.
Webcam software is ImageCaster from Econ Technologies, Inc.
Movie captured and created with Daydreamer from Quandir Solutions. Available on the App Store.

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