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Updated: 30 August 2019

In coordination with the Oracle Women's Network (OWN) and its Oracle Partnership for Tourism Committee, the Oracle Dark Skies Committee (ODSC) is being reformed to pursue the designation of Oracle as an "International Dark Sky Community" (IDSC). There are currently six International Dark Sky Communities in Arizona. When successful, Oracle will become the first IDSC in Pinal County. Oracle is in a unique position as Oracle State Park became the first IDA "International Dark Sky Park" in the Arizona State Parks system in 2014.

Unlike the work that the Committee did for Oracle State Park's designation, obtaining this designation may take up to two years. The bulk of the effort will be educating the Community on the benefits of being an IDSC and documenting an inventory of existing lighting, working with home and business owners to retrofit any existing non Night Sky Friendly lighting. The County will need to update the existing Pinal County Outdoor Lighting Code.

Mike Weasner, who chaired the Oracle Dark Skies Committee for 5 years, has agreed to provide consulting service but will not be chairing the reformed committee. Mike's work with the State Park designation and his vast amount of knowledge and experience with IDA will greatly assist the reconstituted committee. Mike will be giving a presentation about this new effort at the OWN General Meeting on Friday, 6 September, 8:30am, at the Oracle Community Center, and at Oracle State Park on Saturday, 21 September, 4pm, in the Kannally Ranch House living room.

If you would like to be a member of the Oracle Dark Skies Committee and see Oracle become an IDA "International Dark Sky Community" or if you have questions, please email Mike Weasner (mweasner@mac.com) or call him (520-289-3402). We hope to have the Committee established by the end of September with a new Chairperson.

Alicia Bristow
President, Oracle Women's Network

Mike Weasner
past Chair, Oracle Dark Skies Committee

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