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Current Reports
Jupiter and Saturn, Moon 30 October 2020
D850 DSLR: Planets, Moon 29 October 2020
iPhone: Moon on SkyShed POD Dome 28 October 2020
D850 DSLR Moon imaging 23 October 2020
iPhone Moon imaging 22 October 2020
D7200 DSLR Moon, SkySafari 6 Pro Wi-Fi Troubleshooting 21 October 2020
More D850 DSLR White Balance Tests, Dumbbell Nebula 20 October 2020
D850 DSLR White Balance Tests, Dumbbell Nebula 19 October 2020
Asteroid Kirkwood, Asteroid Kitt Peak 17 October 2020
Sensei Filter Step-Down Rings 16 October 2020
Saturn, New Accessory Tests, Heart & Soul Nebulae, Pleiades, Mars 16 October 2020
D850 DSLR imaging: Mirach Ghost Galaxy, Helix Nebula, Moons of Neptune & Uranus 15 October 2020
D850/D7200/iPhone imaging: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, M31 & M33 galaxies 14 October 2020
D850 DSLR imaging: Elephant Trunk & Bubble Nebulae, Mars 12 October 2020
D850 DSLR Jupiter, Saturn, Mars; StarLock Auto RA PEC Training 11 October 2020
D850 DSLR imaging: ISS; Ring, Dumbbell, Veil Nebulae; Mars 10 October 2020
D7200 DSLR imaging: ISS, Planets, M31 and M33 Galaxies 9 October 2020
Explore Alliance Global Star Party, iPhone Saturn, Mars, Moon 7 October 2020
Mars on Dome, Mars imaging 5 October 2020
Cassiopeia Observatory video tests 4 October 2020
High Magnification Planet Imaging Tests, Mars-Moon Conjunction 3 October 2020
Apogee vs Perigee Full Moon, Moon on Dome 2 October 2020
D850 DSLR Planets, iPhone Moon on Dome 1 October 2020

Past Reports: March 2005 - September 2020

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