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Local lives put at risk and local businesses harmed

Pinal County Supervisor update to Local Citizens

20 September 2022: Pinal County Supervisor Jeffrey McClure held a "Townhall Meeting" in Oracle to discuss local issues and hear concerns from citizens. One of the topics he discussed was the current status of Satellite TV Reform for southern Pinal County. He sounded very hopeful and talked about negotiating an imaginary line of Tucson stations vs Phoenix stations. The county lines now dictate which television stations citizens get to see and Supervisor McClure believes that they will be able to negotiate a different line for this part of Pinal County. He understands the importance of this critical issue and agrees that it should be changed. He mentioned the reluctance to change by the Phoenix television stations because it impacts with their marketing targets.

If you are a southern Pinal County resident who cannot receive the Tucson TV stations or a business owner and have not yet contacted the Pinal County Board of Supervisors about this critical issue, please let them know that an immediate solution is needed. Here is contact information for the Board:

Supervisor Jeffrey McClure: bosdistrict4@pinal.gov
Supervisor Mike Goodman: mike.goodman@pinal.gov
Supervisor Stephen Miller: Stephen.Miller@pinal.gov
Supervisor Jeff Serdy: jeff.serdy@pinal.gov
Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh: kevin.cavanaugh@pinal.gov
Pinal County Manager Leo Lew: countymanager@pinal.gov
Pinal County Clerk of the Board Natasha Kennedy: Natasha.Kennedy@pinalcountyaz.gov

Please cc me (mweasner@mac.com) on any FCC Petition emails you send. Thank you.

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