Congress and the flawed STELA Legislation

Congress fails to fix STELA Legislation in 2015-2017

Pinal County Government gets involved

Throughout 2015 I continued email correspondence with Congresswoman Kirkpatrick's office, but without results.

In September 2015, I was contacted directly by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a result of a formal complaint I had filed earlier in 2015. I was advised that a local government body could now petition the FCC for a "Market Area Modification". I was informed that the FCC could take up to 10 years to approve the change due to all the processes it had to follow. Using this new information I contacted the Pinal County Board of Supervisors and requested that they submit a "Market Area Modification" for southern Pinal County to the FCC. As the Supervisors had received similar complaints over the years, they began work on the petition.

In 2016 I continued frequent communications with Congresswoman Kirkpatrick's staff regarding the issue. I also continued corresponding with the County Board of Supervisors to ensure that the petition effort was still in work.

In early 2017 I contacted newly elected Congressman Tom O'Halleran's Washington, DC, office and requested that as our new Representative he take action to correct the flawed STELA legislation. No action was taken.

Frequent email inquiries were made in 2017 with Congressman O'Halleran's staff to try to learn what he was doing to fix the STELA legislation. But still no corrective action was taken by Congress and so local lives continued to be put at risk and local businesses continued to be harmed.

Our Congressman is embarrassed in Oracle

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