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Subject:	How can I use my ETX-90EC with my Kodak DX6490?
Sent:	Monday, January 28, 2008 02:42:18
From:	Ron J. (
How can I use my ETX-90EC with mt Kodak DX6490?

I've been searching for some type of converter tube or something to get
my Kodak DX6490 to take photos thru my Meade ETX-90EC.  A couple of
years ago, I bought a converter to use with my old 35mm Minolta, but now
I need one for my newer digital camera.

I've been searching on then Internet and found did not find a converter,
but found your site.

Thanks for having a useful, professional, and sharing site!

Ron Jenczewski
Mike here: Depending on the lens type, you may be able to get a T-ring that would attach to where a filter would attach. Alternatively, you may have to use the tripod mounting hole (assuming the camera has one). See the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page as well as the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page.


Thanks for the quick reply!

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Subject:	moon image single shot through kodak dx6490 held to eyepiece
Sent:	Tuesday, January 2, 2007 05:59:42
From:	james dean (
Attached is an image of the moon taken on 1st of January 2007, taken
using a kodak dx6490 held to a 40mm celestron omni plossl using auto
mode and a meade etx 105 PE, an example of how easily you can get a nice
image of the moon without using expensive equipment. Happy New Year to
everbody and wishing you dark clear skies.

Many thanks James Dean.


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