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Last updated: 20 April 2020

Welcome to the Astrophotography Accessories Reviews page.
Besides the older reviews listed below, see my Cassiopeia Observatory Reviews page for more astrophotography accessory reviews.

DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit (01/04/13)
MX-1 Telescope Adapter for Apple iPhone (04/27/12)
OPT Camera Adapter (02/14/08)
Stiletto Focuser (07/04/07)
Atik 0.5 focal reducer (08/08/05)
Prime Focus T-Adapter (06/22/05)
Digi-T System Camera Adapter (08/07/01)
Digital Camera adapters(09/26/00)
Meade T-Adapter
Meade Basic Camera Adapter
Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Timer Remote (04/22/12)
Spike-a™ Bahtinov Mask (03/02/09)
Focal Reducer (09/30/07)
Paul Rini focal reducer (10/21/05)
MaxView II DSLR camera adapter (06/22/05)
Digital Camera Hood, "SLR" Attachment (05/08/04)
Vixen Camera Adapter (05/08/01)
LE-Adapter (07/22/00)
Digital Camera Adapter (02/18/01)

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