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Last updated: 15 August 2013

This page documents Canon DSLR camera comments, tips, and photos. Search the site for "canon dslr" for other items about the Canon DSLR cameras. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	RE: Help regarding eyepiece(focal)DSLR shooting with Meade ETX-80, ETX-125
Sent:	Monday, August 12, 2013 09:08:14
From:	firren fisk (
Thank you so mutch for your quick response! It cleared things up for me.
I will now go ahead and switch to a ETX-125 which seems to be a more
competent and sturdy telescope. I hope to get the new scope before the
27th when our "red neighbour" swings close by :)

Thanks once again! youv been a great help! :)

"live long and prosper"
Mike here: I hope you don't mean the "Mars as big as the moon" August hoax.


No I may be a bit special, but im not that crazy! :)

End of today's update

Subject:	Help regarding eyepiece(focal)DSLR shooting with Meade ETX-80, ETX-125
Sent:	Sunday, August 11, 2013 04:42:07
From:	firren fisk (
Great site you have here! iv got lots of great tips from it.
I have two question i was hoping someone could help me with. I have
checked all the tips and trix on your astrophoto and DSLR pages but cant
find an awnsers.
I currently own a ETX-80 and when i do astrophotography i mostly do it
via the main eyepieceholder. 
My setup is the following:
ETX-80 main eyepiece holder >> T-adapter with eyepiece tube(camera
adapter with or without an eyepiece inside) >> T2 ring  > Canon

My problem is that i always have to use the etx built in x2 barlow lens
to be able to get focus on the camera.  Iv also tried removing the
"eyepiece tube" from the t-adapter and mount the t-adaptor straight to
the t2-ring to get the ccd sensor closer to the telescope but i still
have to use the barlow lens to get focus...
Might this have to do with the focal lenght? if so would a focal reducer help in this case?

My other question is. I am about to replace my etx-80 with a etx-125 and
i was wondering if anyone knows if i will get the same problem with that
scope as with the etx-80?
Will i have to buy and use a x2 barlow lens with that telescope also?. 

My setup is the following:
Meade ETX-80, Canon EOS 1100D aka T3, Astro(same as OPT) eyepiece camera
adapter(t-adapter+eyepice tube) and a T2 ring for my EOS camera.

I have included a picture that helps explane my setup.

Cheers from Sweden and thanks for a great site!

//Åke Nissinen, Sweden


Mike here: I have the same problem with my ETX-70 and Nikon DSLR. The ETX refractor models have limited focus travel and getting a focus on a camera focal plane is difficult, if not impossible with many cameras. However, you should not have the same problem with the ETX-125. I have done a lot of astrophotography with my ETX-90/105/125 using my DSLR; focus hasn't been an issue.

End of 11 August 2013 update

Subject:	Re: Meade etx-70at and Canon EOS 500D
Sent:	Monday, January 2, 2012 02:54:20
From:	Christian R. Larsen (
I made it work by connecting an angled prism to the camera mount. It
works rather well and it enables me to put a Barlow lens in between. I
don't know if this way of mounting has any disadvantages over attaching
the camera through the eyepiece holder instead but I got a couple of
nice day-time photos of the moon.


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