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Last updated: 24 December 2011

This page documents Orion Binoculars and Telescopes models comments, tips, and photos. Search the site for "orion" for other items about the Orion imagers. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	Auto-guiding ETX 125AT
Sent:	Thursday, December 22, 2011 02:05:48
From:	Mike Malik (
I would like to know if ETX125AT can be auto guided with 'Orion
StarShoot AutoGuider' (SSAG) 
if yes, how would I connect SSAG auto-guide cable to ETX125AT. Note:
SSAG auto-guide cable has six pins and uses ST-4 signal.
SSAG Pins:
3=+RA (left)
4=+DEC (up)
5=-DEC (down)
6=-RA (right)
Reason I ask is ETX125 AT has two AUX ports on it which are 4-pins each.
Not sure if SSAG can be plugged into HBX port which has 6 pins? There is
also a port on auto-star itself but it is also 4-pints.
Basically, my question is: Can ETX be guided by Orion SSAG and, if yes,
where would I plug SSAG cable to ETX125AT?
Note: I am familiar and know how Orion SSAG USB cable will plug into the
Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Mike Malik
Orion SSAG diagram:


Mike here: Haven't heard if the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider uses the AutoStar (or LX200) commands to control the telescope. If it does, you will need the equivalent of a #505 serial cable that connects to the small jack on the AutoStar #497. The AUX port supplies power to devices, so you don't want to use that since the AutoGuider gets its power via USB. Perhaps someone else has tried and will have an answer. Or Orion Tech Support would know.

End of today's update

Subject:	Deep Space images. Orion Starshoot
Sent:	Saturday, September 20, 2008 02:43:30
From:	Fernando Campuzano (
Here I send to you three recent deep-space images. All of them have been
taken with Orion Starshoot Deep Space Color Imager II (monochrome due to
bin 2x2). Piggybacked on ETX 125:

M33 (Pinwheel Galaxy) 15x64 sec. images stacked and bin 2x2. 200mm.
Pentacon SLR lens.
NGC 7000 (North America Nebula) several 64 and 128 sec. images stacked
and bin 2x2. 70mm. Prakticar SLR lens.
NGC 6992 (Veil Nebula East) 6x32 sec. images stacked and bin 2x2. 200mm.
Pentacon SLR lens.

Thanks for your great site

F. Campuzano

photo photo photo

End of 20 September 2008 update

Subject:	M31 with Orion SSDSI-2
Sent:	Saturday, October 13, 2007 02:42:27
From:	Fernando Campuzano (
I keep learning with my new Orion SSDSI-2. You can see attached four
images of M31. All are the same three stacked fit,s images 2x32 sec.
plus 1x64 sec. Differences are in the processing methods with MaxIm-DL.
Great software with a lot of proccesing technics. Stacking is performed
with astrometric allignment via Pinpoint (included in the trial version
of Maxim-DL). There's a lot of things for me to keep learning. I hope
you like them.

Best regards

F. Campuzano (Guadalajara. Spain)





I need to improve focus and perharps remove some "hot" pixels.
Nevertheless, I think it looks pretty. "North America" seen from Spain.
Several 64 sec. and 128 sec stacked images with a total equivalent
exposure time of 12min. 48sec. Camera: Orion SSDSI-2 Optics: Prakticar
70 mm f4.5 SLR lens piggybacked on ETX-125. Software (Scope control,
image adquisition, and proccesing): MaxIm-DL 4.60 (trial version.


End of 16 October 2007 update

Subject:	Guest Astrophotography Gallery
Sent:	Sunday, October 7, 2007 03:57:59
From:	Fernando Campuzano (
Here I send to you for the Guest Astrophotography Gallery my first
trials with an Orion Starshoot Deep Space Color Imager II. The three
images were taken last night through an old Pentacon 200 mm f.4 SLR
lens, piggy-backed on ETX-125. Single images of M31 32 sec.; M42 30
sec.; and M45 64 sec. Processed with Maxim-DL.

Best regards

F. Campuzano
(Guadalajara, Spain)




Mike here: I did a quick adjustment of the "levels" in GraphicConverter and additional nebulosity in M42 appeared:

Subject:	Moon Image Orion Electronic Eyepiece
Sent:	Thursday, December 11, 2003 10:08:05
Here is an image of the Moon I took with Orion's Electronic Color
Imaging Eyepiece.

My equipment list was as follows:
Meade 125 ETX
Orion Electronic Color Imaging Eyepeice
Dazzle 80 Video Creator 80
ACDSEE Software
Laptop with USB port

The image was taken on 11/30/03 in upstate NY and was my first attempt
at imaging.



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