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Subject:	ETX-125 Near Full Moon December 10
Sent:	Wednesday, December 17, 2008 11:59:36
From:	Nohr Tillman (
Another Moon picture to add to your site, if you so deem. The equipment
used to get the result may be of interest to someone else. Edit-out a
bunch of the words if you think it helps.

I got this experimenting with the hand-paddle-shutter that I made to
avoid camera shake. Turns out, I wasn't shuttering fast enough by hand
and all those exposures washed out. An un-intended result of the
experiment resulted in the best picture I've gotten with an ETX yet.

My old Pentax MX SLR camera needs professional cleaning, and when cold
will lock the mirror in the up position after a B-exposure. To get the
mirror back down for viewing/focusing for the next shot, I need to take
a picture at 1/125 or 1/250 second. These "inbetween" shots, therefore
are shutter motion only, with the mirror already locked up. I can tell a
difference from those I took at the same shutter speed only with the MX
mirror working normally.

The result is nearly shake-free exposures at fast shutter speeds,
yielding sharp high-power telephoto pictures. This 1/250 second exposure
was the best of several "inbetween" shots on a roll of film that came
out well. The 1/125 second exposures were a little over-exposed and
washed out. December 10 here was a very clear cold night and the Moon
was high at about 60 degrees ALT.

64-T adapter short tube
Pentax MX
Kodak 400 Max Film
Exposure: 1/250 second with reflex mirror locked up
Kodak Process and Scan at local retail store
Share and Enjoy,
Nohr Tillman
Troy, MI, USA, Earth


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Subject:	Attaching my camera to my ETX 70
Sent:	Thursday, August 1, 2002 6:55:09
From: (Newey, Ian D.)
I have had a good look through this site and can't quite seem to find
anything that answers my question.

I have acquired a Pentax MX and want to attach it to my ETX 70. I THINK
I have figured out what accessories I need to get but I am not quite
sure how I can alter the magnification. Do I use the camera to telescope
adapter in conjunction with my eyepieces to alter magnification or do I
have to get a different set of lenses altogether. Any other info would
be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Ian Newey
Mike here: See the Accessory Reviews - Astrophotography page. If the MX is a 35mm camera with a removable lens there are two types of adapters you can use: one for prime focus and one for eyepiece projection. At prime focus the telescope acts just like a telephoto lens (350mm for he ETX-70AT). You'll need the adapter for the ETX-70, not the one for the other ETX models. For eyepiece projection photography you'll need a different adapter. HOWEVER, it may or may not work, that is, reach a focus, with your camera. Since I don't have that camera I can't speak from experience. For more on astrophotography, see the Helpful Information -- Astrophotography page.

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