Last updated: 14 July 2005

Autostar RESET from software

Sent:	Wednesday, July 13, 2005 08:48:12
From:	Richard Seymour (
The attached file MAY trigger a 
hard reset (i haven't tested it).  Do a "Save As..." on that link.

How to use: start hyperterminal, set the port to 9600 baud, no flow 
for instructions)

Then start up the Autostar in Safe Mode (hold ENTER and SCROLL DOWN
as power is applied).  Have it attached to the telescope, too.

Type a control-D, and it should echo a "?" or ">"

Then send the attached (tiny) binary file via Hyperterminal's
Transfer / Send Text File
That sends the file without trying to impose a protocol.

You should get a "Y" and a version number back.

Now type an "I" into Hyperterminal's screen to trigger
the Autostar to reboot in full-reset mode. (Don't include
the quotation  marks)

(warning: the first thing a hard reset does -is- a Calibrate motion)

good luck

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