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Last updated: 31 August 2012

Subject:	AU2 updater problem on Windows 7 64 bit
Sent:	Friday, January 20, 2012 02:44:23
From:	Richard Brekne (
I just got a new laptop running windows 7 ultimate in 64 bit. I
installed the latest Autostar Suite 5.5 and all seemed well enough until
I tried to run the Product Update / Autostar Updater. Upon clicking the
first time it immediately asked me to downloade the latest AU2 file
5.9.3, which I did. Then upon trying to run the updater it simply
crashed with an error message about a illegal runtime termination
request. I tried re installing Suite and not downloading AU 5.9.3 but
then the screen just blinks... and no AU2 program appears. Have tried
several things with no luck.. I have desktop machine running Windows 7
Professional 32 bits OS and there is no problem whatsover... but I cant
very well tote my desktop around....

Any ideas as to what to do here ?



Just an addition to my last... the following post describes exactly the
same thing I am experiencing... tho the posters machine is a Vista 64
bit OS. 

Does Meade not handle 64 bit machines ?

Thanks for any info
Richard Brekne

	Subject:	AutoStar Updater v5.9.3 does not successfully launch
	Sent:	Thursday, January 12, 2012 05:08:56
	From:	John Metzger (
Mike here: See Meade's Downloads page for OS compatibility and updates. I have seen a lot of comments about Windows 7 64-bit problems. But since I don't use Windows, except for rare occasions when I run WinXP on my Mac, I haven't been tracking any solutions. But depending on what you want AutoStar Suite to do, there may be alternatives. StarPatch will perform AutoStar updates; available from And there are several alternatives for telescope control. See the Accessory Reviews: Software page for some of these.

Subject:	Re: AU2 problem in Windows 7 64 bit
Sent:	Tuesday, January 24, 2012 12:33:06
From:	Ric Brekne (
thanks for the reply... the Star Patch looks like its compatible with LX
200 up to the Classic.  I have the LX200 GPS. They put ACF on the
invoice but I see none of those markings on the scope... so I think its
a plain 200 GPS.  StarPatch will not cause problems with this ??

Mike here: I'm sure StarPatch is compatible with the AutoStar II but I'll let the developer confirm that.


From:	Chris Carson (
Yes, you can use a free (unregistered) copy of StarPatch to update an
LX200GPS.  Select Handset type > Autostar II (LX200GPS) and then File > Get
Updates.. to download the BuildLX4.2g.rom and Dick Seymours' patch kit
PatchLX42ggv16.spf, then click on "Update Handset".

If you get a message that StarPatch has stopped working when you attempt
to run it, you will need to turn off the Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
\Program Files\PixSoft\StarPatch\StarPatch.exe
using the windows Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced tab >
Performance Settings > Data Execution Prevention tab

DEP conflicts with the copy protection system used by StarPatch.

Chris Carson


Excellent !  Thanks to you both !



From:	richard seymour (
Just to add to the confusion (i hope not):

When referring to an "LX200" ...
(a) the word "Classic" usually refers to the pre-2002 original LX200.
It did not have an Autostar, and the firmware was not "downloadable"

(b) in 2002 Meade started shipping the "LX200GPS", with the Autostar II.
The firmware in this telescope is downloadable, and is compatible with
all of the following:

(c) a few years later, Meade added a different choice of optics, and you
could buy an "LX200-R" ... except for the shapes of the front glass and
mirror, it (mechanically, electronically) is/was *exactly* the same as
an LX200GPS (which they were still selling).

(d) a year or so later, due to a legal dispute, the name LX200-R became LX200-ACF
Again, everything else stayed *exactly* the same, only the labels changed.

(e) the firmware (4.2g at current writing) is the same for all LX200GPS/R/ACF
That last official update from Meade was released in 2007.

So please don't say "Classic" if the handbox has the "Autostar II" label on it

And, yes, i use (and have used) StarPAtch on my LX200GPS (delivered in
mid-2002) many many times.

have fun

Subject:	Re:	AU2 updater problem on Windows 7 64 bit
Sent:	Monday, August 27, 2012 04:05:18
From:	Marc Auerbach (
I solved this problem by completely removing .net framework from my
system and reinstalling ASU and the the .net 4 client (merely upgrading
didn't do it).  However, i could not re-install .net 3.5.1 and I'm not
sure if it will install now, so those who depend on earlier versions be


BTW: It's curious because ASU doesn't appear to use .net at all.

Subject:	A more complete answer Re: AU2 updater problem on Windows 7 64 bit [NEW!]
Sent:	Monday, August 27, 2012 11:25:33
From:	Marc Auerbach (
I started from a clean slate.  That is a Windows  7, 64-bit PC that had
no prior Meade software installs.  Probably it was running Microsoft
.net Framework v3.5 SP1.

I began by installing AutoStar Suite Version 5.5
(AutostarSuiteWebEdition55.exe).  The installer states that it needs
.net Framework and if not already installed v2 will be installed. Even
though I had the .net Framework installed .net 2.0 as well. This may be
the root of the problem as I find now that AutoStar Suite v5.5 runs fine
on .net Client v4.0 (the latest version of .net).

I then successfully installed AutoStar Update (AKA AU2) 5.9.2
(Au2ver592.exe), but when I tried to run i it I would get an execution
error.    I tried uninstalling .net 2.0 and then upgrading (via Windows
Update)  to .net 4.  This proved ineffective.

I then uninstalled all of .net including unchecking it from the "Turn
Windows Features On or Off" sub panel in the "Programs and Features" 
Control Panel.

With .net completely removed, AU2ver592 ran flawlessly, but I could not
re-install .net Framework 3.5.1 (Considered a good compatibility release
for apps needing earlier versions of .net).

However, I was able to install, via Windows Update, .net Client 4.

Everything runs fine now.

In an ideal world the AutoStar Suite installer would check for the
presence of .net Framework and not install .net 2 if it or a newer
versions is present.

I suggest not accepting the .net install if you know you already have
.net installed (version 3.5 is pre-installed on Windows 7).

If this doesn't work, try updating to .net 4.

If that fails completely uninstall everything Meade and .net. Reinstall
AU2 then .net 4.0 then AutoStar Suite.

Best of luck,

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