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Last updated: 16 March 2012

Subject:	looking for current info on 494/497 LCDs
Sent:	Tuesday, March 13, 2012 11:55:55
From:	Tom Murphy (
I'm wondering if the display pointed out by Bob Waterfield ("Another
AutoStar Replacement Tip") might be compatible with the newer 494
controllers.  And more, where to get them now.

I recently picked up an almost new ETX-80 backpack version for very
cheap because the 494's display was cracked.  You can see 1/2 the
display and tell it's working by that.  I can possibly even use it, but
I'm more bent on selling it (I have an ETX-125, $ is short).  Meade will
not sell a display.  I'd rather not sell this new-ish scope with an
older paddle from eBay (but will if driven to it) - I can't just buy an
older, used controller to swap the display - see below.

I sent this 494 off to a Bill at (always a good
resource, and he offered to fix this for cheap).  Problem is, he found
out that this newer unit is not compatible with the older unit displays.
 I'm not sure in what way.  (The newer units are distinguishable by the
fact that the 494 case is held together by screws, not a snap-apart like
the old ones - at least that's an improvement).

So...any ideas out there on what the differences might be between older
and newer LCDs on these units, and whether the newer (10/10/10) listing
from Bob is one that may be the same as the 494 (you'd think Meade would
want one display for both systems to save money)?

Oh-- the kicker: When I use the link Bob gives for the display, the link
to "West Florida Components" it leads to, shows no units in stock.  When
I Google-search the LCD model number - everyone shows "0" Qty. in stock.
So.... this may be a "Back to the drawing board" discussion.  But I do
think it applies to both 497s and 494s - so it may be of use to many of

Thanks, any and all!

Tom Murphy - St. Paul, MN (where the nights have been warmer than we
have a right to expect - and even clear, many evenings, and
Venus/Jupiter and Mars have been a great site to behold).

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