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Last updated: 12 February 2012

Subject:	Homemade #505 Cable
Sent:	Friday, February 10, 2012 13:34:22
From:	Paul Smith (
Thanks for a great wealth of information on your site!  I've had my
ETX-90 for about a dozen years and haven't used it much.  Your site has
given me renewed interest!

In making my own 505 cable I discovered that the 4 conductor phone plug
is not a typical RJ11 plug.  After re-reading some of the threads here,
I found where someone identified it as an RJ10.  What I have found is
the plug is an RJ22 which, as mentioned in a thread, is the plug for the
handset. (Until now I didn't know there was a difference.)  The
difference is the RJ11 is a 6 position 4 conductor plug and the RJ22 is
a 4 position 4 conductor plug.  After a thorough search I discovered
there where about 3 vendors in existence that supply this and I didn't
need 25 or 50.  I narrowed the RJ11 plug approximately .025" from each
side.  Although there is a slight difference in height, my modified RJ11
fit the Autostar like a snug glove!  

Hope this is helpful for someone!

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