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Last updated: 18 April 2012

Subject:	TLE converter
Sent:	Tuesday, April 17, 2012 07:27:33
From:	Paul Saint (
Firstly,  thank you for creating such an informative site - the wealth
of expertise and information here is staggering.

The wiring diagrams and other electromechanical information here has
helped me restore a DS2102 with Autostar 497 that I purchase as 'sold as
seen' for a song back from the dead.  (broken wire inside the
insultation of motor sensor and dry joints galore).  The scope is now
working fine and I succeeded to fine tune the software and hardware
using information gleaned from your experts' library.

So, I am just embarking on a lifetimes ambition of owning a telescope -
having now moved to an area that is not suffering from light polution
for the first time.  

I have seen the ISS track over with the naked eye many times now and
want to have a crack at using the DS.  The TLE to Autostar conversion
looked a bit daunting - so, being lazy I have put together a spreadsheet
for easy conversion after reading Jerry Hailey's explanation.  Just
paste the two TLE lines of data for your chosen satellite into the
spreadsheet where indicated.  I've used the example that Jerry used.

You may already have this somewhere in your website but I have attached
my version should you find it useful.

Thanks again to the community for all your help


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