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Last updated: 27 August 2013

Subject:	Remote reading of AutoStar LCD
Sent:	Monday, August 26, 2013 11:06:56
From:	Arthur Rees (
I am considering writing an Application to mimic the AutoStar hand-box
(HBX) operations.
I understand key depression can be invoked by serial commands sent over
the HBX cable (#505).

Are there any commands that will return the 2 lines of data that appear
on the HBX LCD screen?
Kind regards


From:	richard seymour (
:ED#  returns a string that starts with one bit=encoded byte which tells
you where the cursor is, then the two strings which are the display.
The first of those two will always be 16 characters long
the second may ramble on for days if it's a scrolling message.
The end of the entire reply is a "#" character.
There are no special "separator" characters between the two strings.

I'm attaching our notes on the other "E" protocol commands.
Not listed there (i really should add it) are the "E" commands our patch kits add...
but they're documented in the patch kits for the various platforms.

have fun
Mike here: Thanks Dick.
And many thanks for the support to the ETX Site over many many years!

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