Last updated: 4 November 2003

Autostar Database Information (update)

Sent:	Sunday, November 2, 2003 10:11:26
From: (Richard Seymour)
In your reference pages
and elsewhere, i'm sure,

..the various authors refer to NASA's site for such stuff,
with links starting with:
(the Astronomical Data Center (ADC) at Goddard SpaceFlight Center (gsfc))

They are now useless.  NASA has decided that it no longer
needs to supply such helpful information, and is pointing us
off to sites elsewhere on the planet, such as CDS in France.

CSD's main page:
is a little sparse.  For full-catalog fetches, you probably want:
or (for a list of catalogs)

In my articles, i refer to the Harvard Revised version of the 
Yale Bright Star Catalog (BSC). 
That was /5/5050 at NASA, meaning catalog group 5 (Combined Data),
 data package 50.
At CDS, the "5" becomes Roman Numeral "V", and the 50 remains:
producing:     <--- BSC at CSD

Other Autostar-handy one are:  <--- SAO at CSD    <-- hipp(v2)index at CSD   <--- hipp main results

Why NASA got out of the "handy reference" business is beyond me.

have fun

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