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Last updated: 4 May 2012

Subject:	17th edition of LX200gps patch kit
Sent:	Thursday, May 3, 2012 10:20:50
From:	richard seymour (
Thanks to Andrew Johansen's diligent efforts, we're proud to announce the 17th edition of
the patch kit for LX200gps/r/acf firmware 4.2g

This new kit has over a *dozen* bug fixes.

It fixes the Autostar hanging if you try to MODE out of a High Precision slew.
It fixes a problem with stopping a remotely-commanded GoTo that could go below
the horizon.
It fixes some bugs in the Planetary location calculations.
It fixes an issue with midnight clock rollover on Feb 28th
 (yes, they had it *backwards*, so it bit on non-leapyears, too)
It fixes a bunch of bugs in Tours
It fixes garbage collection in User Object lists
It fixes Focuser runaway issues when remote controlled.
It makes another stab at fixing the "Polar Two Star Alignment" bugs.

Plus all of the fixes and feature additions of the previous 16 editions
(including activating SMT if you never had it).

The kit can be installed from the patch kit file, and/or is already available
directly through StarPatch... look for "v17" on the patch-available list after
you tell StarPatch to "Get Updates"

I've also posted the "ReadMe" text file separately, so that you don't need to go
through the hassle of unzipping and extracting files.
I recommend reading the ReadMe, then using StarPatch to actually perform the
patch. Much safer, faster and easier than Meade's ASU.

StarPatch: from

You can upgrade to this release/patch-set directly from any version of the
LX200gps firmware equal to or greater than 1.2a .
If you're coming up from earlier than version 4.0, you will want (need) to do a
Setup/Reset after doing the update.

have fun
--dick and Andrew

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