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Last updated: 23 October 2009
The book Using the Meade ETX has been published by Springer in its Practical Astronomy Series. It was written by your humble webmaster, with contributions from Clay Sherrod and Dick Seymour. Cover images by the author (me), Rick Krejci, and Gerald Wechselberger. [Thanks guys!]

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Using the Meade ETX

[This is the real cover design!]

Book Table of Contents:

   1 "ETX Basics"
   2 "ETX Hints and Tips"
   3 "Observing Techniques"
   4 "Objects"
   5 "Photography"
   6 "ETX Questions and Answers"
   Appendix "Resources"

I have received my author's copy of the book. The release date in the stores is supposed to be 15 February 2002. The book has 208 pages, is about 1cm thick, and has a full index.

You can now order it from by clicking on the button below (their page still shows "pre-order"). Ordering by clicking the button will help offset some of the costs of maintaining this web site. Thanks to all those who have already pre-ordered it. Your patience and support is much appreciated.

You should also be able to get it from your favorite book and/or telescope dealer.

If necessary I will create an "errata" page on this Site. If you find an error, please send me the full details on the error (page number, what's wrong, and how to make it right).

Amazon.UK has the book now (note the link below). (USA) is quoting April. There is some delay arriving in the US. So, if you can't wait, try:

The reason for the delay turns out to be pretty simple. The initial printing destined for the USA is all backordered (i.e., spoken for by some company or companies). Another batch is being urgently shipped to meet demand. And more copies are being printed. So, the delay is due to the sight-unseen popularity of the book! Wow!

If you are having problems ordering the book you can order it directly from the publisher at this URL:

Orders from are now shipping!
Click to Purchase from

I have received a report that is now out-of-stock on the ETX book. You may wish to try some of the other sources.

I have contacted the publisher and hopefully the situation will be corrected soon.

The publisher contacted and continues to offer the book for sale. Dealers linked from the page may or may not still have it in stock.

The 2nd Printing has been confirmed! This is from the Copyright page from a copy of the book I was signing at the "Meade Day", 16 November 2002, at Oceanside Photo and Telescope.

2nd printing

See the "Astronomy with Small Telescopes" page for information about my previous ETX published work.

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