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Image: Christopher Robin

Last modified: 11 June 2000

Christopher Robin passed away on 23 May 2000. What follows is his page in memory of him, along with Fluffy's. You can also visit the Christopher Robin Memorial Page. Also, be certain to visit Fluffy and Mercury's Home Page to see our new kitten as well as continuing adventures of Fluffy.

Image: Christopher RobinChristopher Robin: Being a cat I do not have much to say on the Web but I thought you would like to see my cute face so that your life will be improved. If you want to tell me how much you like me, contact my human, R-Laurraine Tutihasi, by clicking on the e-mail address at the bottom of this page and sending her a message. She will pass it on to me.

Image: Christopher Robin

Image: Christopher Robin

These pictures were taken on film and then processed on PhotoCD. See Mike Weasner's ETX telescope page for more details on this type of photography. Others were taken with a Ricoh RDC-4200 digital camera.

Fluffy: I came to Christopher Robin's home on 13 December 1998, my lucky day! At the time I was a nine-week old boy kitty rescued by Sables' Animal Rescue and Adoption (S.A.R.A.). Laurraine and Mike picked me out from several other young kittens, and even though the choice was a tough one, they picked the best kitty possible (in my humble opinion), As you can tell from my picture at the top of this page I am nearly all black with touches of gray. My eyes are gold (like my heart). Upon my arrival here, Christopher Robin was watching me closely, as you can see here:

Christopher Robin was diagnosed with lymphoma in July 1999 and has been receiving chemotherapy ever since. The chemotherapy started on a weekly basis but is now only once every five weeks. Unfortunately, he has to take pills between each treatment and doesn't like that at all. He lost a lot of hair when he was getting frequent chemotherapy, but now some of it has grown back. His weight is only about three-quarters what it used to be.

I am really getting comfortable here. I like sleeping on the bed and playing with Christopher Robin's toys:

On Christmas Day, Laurraine and Mike opened their Christmas presents. When they opened a package with some handmade dish cloths from Mike's sister-in-law Jan I grabbed one and ran off to play with it. It made a nice new toy just for me.



Here I am all stretched out after a hard day of playing. Even Christopher Robin will sleep with me -- well on the same chair anyway.

I found a new, warm place! Under the afghan on the couch.

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Christopher Robin and Fluffy

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