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In September 1996, I purchased a Meade ETX Astro Telescope. I soon discovered there was not a lot of ETX information available online at that time, so I put up a web page with some personal comments and photos. For 17 years, with contributions from users worldwide, this ETX Site was an important resource for amateur astronomers. As of 31 August 2013, I stopped updating the Site and I stopped providing email technical support. See the Site Announcement for further details. The Site remained online as a resource for all telescope users. Thank you for all the past support.

Be certain to visit my Cassiopeia Observatory web site for my latest reports, including usage of my ETX telescopes.

In October 2017 I became a Meade Ambassador.

As of April 2020, ETX Site content will be updated occasionally to include specific technical articles that I deem useful to the ETX Community. Check back for updates or use the RSS Feed.

Site Updated: 26 December 2023

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I am not a telescope dealer, nor a dealer for any accessories, replacement parts, or repairs.
Material on the ETX Site that is older than January 1999 may be specific to the original ETX (now known as the ETX-90RA or ETX Astro Model M). Always check for applicability of accessories, replacement parts, or repairs to your telescope model.

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