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Last updated: 15 August 2013
ETX-125 Observer review added: 24 May 2017

This page is intended to be a resource for prospective ETX and DS buyers and for new ETX and DS users. Long time users may also find some information here to be beneficial. The information is from my personal experiences as well as inputs from other users. Buyers and new users should also see the Accessories, User Observations, Observational Guides and References, Tech Tips, and various Feedback pages.


ETX-90RA - My First Impressions (1996, 1997)
Comments from New Users (04/25/99)
My ETX-90EC Experiences (1999)
My ETX-125EC Experiences (1999, 2000)
My ETX-70AT Experiences (06/17/01)
My ETX-105 Premier Edition Experiences (05/15/06)
My ETX-LS 6" ACF Experiences (08/19/10)
Review - Meade ETX-125 Observer Telescope (05/24/17)


DSX-90 Photos (12/03/03)
"New" vs "Old" - How to Tell (11/04/03)
Some Telescope Comparisons (06/30/01)
Telescope Models (1/13/01)
Movie (2.4MB) of the ETX-60AT TV Commercial (11/3/00)
  (Courtesy of Pyros Pictures)
ETX-125EC & NexStar5 specifications (10/24/99)
ETX QuickTime VR (03/31/98)
ETX-90 Specifications
Purchase Suggestions

Orion "Binoculars Buying Guide" (11/08/12)
Telescope Eyepieces: The Weakest Link (11/22/11)
A Beginner's Guide to Telescopes (11/15/11)
ETX Magnfication Chart (04/17/09)
Eyepiece Simulator (06/16/08)
Deep Sky Filters (02/14/06)
Soft VS Hard Cases (08/04/05)
Power Supplies (11/17/08)
Maximize your ETX-70 visual capabilities (05/17/08)
How to Begin in Amateur Astronomy (08/07/00)
DS Model Pointers for Beginners (12/31/99)
Purchasing a Used Telescope (12/09/00)
Eyepiece Simulator (11/15/00)
Information on Eyepieces (04/16/01)
What Eyepieces Should I Buy? (04/10/99)
What Accessories to Buy? (02/16/98)

A Primer on Scope Optics (04/17/13)
Starizona "Observing Theory" (01/19/10)
Suggestion/Safety Tip for Solar Viewing (11/11/08)
Back to the Basics (recommendations) (08/31/08)
Tip for Finding North (05/10/07)
Magnetic Declination, Magnetic Variation (11/17/06)
ETX-60/70/80 Focusing Tips (11/05/06)
LNT Summary (05/25/06)
Using High Magnification, Accurate Time (04/14/04)
Hester's ETX-125 vs Orion Short tube 120 (10/31/03)
Mars 2003 - What should you expect to see? (08/30/03)
Easy True North Finder (08/11/03)
ETX-The Movie (06/18/03)
ETX-Assistant (6/08/03)
Cleaning the Tube (02/16/03)
Where -is- RA=00:00:00, anyway? (06/26/02)
Daffron's ETX-125EC, Orion Starmax 127EQ comparison (01/12/02)
ETX-90EC, NexStar5 comparison (02/24/01)
Lombry's ETX-125EC, NexStar5 comparison (French) (02/13/01)
Telescope Maintenance (02/10/01)
Some Eyepiece Magnification Comparisons (06/07/00)
Software, Using the Setting Circles (03/04/00)
ETX-125EC & NexStar5, Part 2 (12/20/99)
ETX-70AT, ETX-125EC, & NexStar5 (10/12/99)
Discussion Groups and Mailing Lists (07/24/13)
Cleaning Optics (11/16/10)
Messier Objects with the ETX (05/23/02)
Learning the Night Sky (12/15/98)
What to Look at with the ETX (03/19/98)
Traveling with the ETX (09/21/97)
True Confessions

How to Ruin a Perfectly Good New Telescope! (04/14/02)

ETX History

ETX History Comments (03/23/13)
"Requiem for an ETX" by Rod Mollise (03/19/13)

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