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Edmund Scientific Telescopes Memorial Page
Posted: 15 December 2018
Updated: 28 January 2020

As a Christmas present in 1961 my mother gave me my first telescope. It was an Edmund Scientific 3" Newtonian Telescope (seen below in 1962 from my "observatory"). I still occasionally use the 3" telescope. As a teenager I was an active amateur astronomer.

photo photo
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In August 2016 during a visit to my hometown of Seymour, Indiana, and with the tenant's permission, I did a recreation of a photograph of me with my Edmund Scientific 3" Newtonian Telescope taken outside my home in 1962:


It was a lot of fun and brought back many memories.

I frequently see people mentioning in letters to Sky & Telescope magazine and online that their first telescope was from Edmund Scientific and that many still use their Edmund telescope. Edmund Scientific stopped selling telescopes many years ago so I thought it would be great to create a web page to memorialize these popular telescopes of nights gone by. If your first telescope was from Edmund I hope you will email me at Include then and now photographs if you have them. I will post submissions on this page. Thanks!

Ken Winograd, New Hampshire, date unknown, Astroscan

Alan Hirshfeld, Massachusetts, 1970, 4-1/4" Palomar Reflector

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