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Subject:	Astrophotography with an ETX90 (old model, does not have a goto pad)
Sent:	Wednesday, January 5, 2005 14:07:31
From:	Jim Giordani (
 I am trying to hook up a Nikon N75 to my ETX90 with the t adapter and a
 T to T telescope variable telextender.  I have tried hooking it up with
 only the t adapter and with the variable telextender with my 26 mm
 eyepiece and I could not see anything out of the camera's eyepiece.  I
 also tried using it during the day and could hardly see anything out of
 the camera. I checked to make sure that the flip mirror control knob
 was in the right position and the cap was off of the scope.  I was
 thinking of getting the basic eyepiece adapter or the variable
 projection eyepiece adapter.  Any suggestions.  I am attaching a
 picture of the adapter that I have.  Thanks
Jim Giordani

Mike here: I'm not familiar with the N75. If it has a removable lens you should get an image in the camera viewfinder. You can read about some camera adapters on the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page. Perhaps something there or on the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page will help.

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