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Subject:	Lunar Pic
Sent:	Thursday, April 9, 2009 08:43:10
From:	Stanley Rozewski (
Hope you can post it on the sight!! Taken with a Meade ETX-60
and Panasonic DMC FS3 on 3/6/2009,

Thanks-Pete Rozewski

Pine Barrens NJ, USA



Still working to get better pics, here is one for Guest Gallery Lunar-
Thanks Pete Rozewski


End of today's update
Subject:	Astrophotography - Panasonic
Sent:	Friday, February 3, 2006 04:13:22
From:	Dieter Wolf (DNS Germany) (
please find attached a photo of the closest approach of Saturn to the
Beehive cluster M44.

2006-02-02  20:00 CET;  PANASONIC LUMIX DMC FZ-30 (670mm, ISO400, f/3.7,
3x20s); guided by ETX-125; north to the left

We had some dust and fog this evening (excellent for planetary imaging,
but not for open clusters) so you will not see much stars in 20s


Thank you Mike, 
Dieter (Munich, Germany)

End of 3 February 2006 update
Subject:	Astrophotography - Panasonic
Sent:	Thursday, January 26, 2006 01:34:19
From: (
shortly before you leave for 'OO' - crossing fingers for clear weather.

As additional information for Tony DeLuca, who wants to use a PANASONIC
LUMIX DMC FZ-30 together with an ETX-60:  First try to use it piggy
back. I call the FZ-30 my 'one inch telescope'. There probably will not
be much difference using the camera BEHIND the scope or in PARALLEL with

Being a 'webcam astronomer' this digital camera (not a DSLR but with an
immense zoom range) offers me a new view of extended objects that never
could be caught with the webcam chip.

M45;  2006-01-24  21:00 CET,  PANASONIC LUMIX DMC FZ-30 with 670mm at
ISO 400, f/3.7, 8x60s with darkframe, guided on ETX-125


This nicely compares to your 'OO' shot with D70 piggy back on your SC-8,
Mike (link:
It was the first time for me to ever catch some nebulosity within the
Plejades...and that from my city-light polluted garden.

Dieter (Munich, Germany)

End of 26 January update
Subject:	Astrophotography with Panasonic Digital Cameras
Sent:	Wednesday, January 18, 2006 08:59:06
From: (
additional to Mike's proposals for adapting a DMC FZ-30 to your ETX-125: 

Yes, the FZ-30 has a filter thread (52mm - I think). But I would NOT
advise to mount it to the scope via the filter thread (the camera is
quite heavy)

First thing I would try is to buy a piggy back camera mount for your
ETX-125 and have the camera shoot it's pictures 'standalone'. With 420mm
(or 667mm if you decrease pixel size) you can get nice moon shots and
with less focal length and stacked longer exposed pictures nice
starfields or open clusters.

It is NOT an astrocam - especially try to avoid ISO 400 because of

I have not yet attached it to an ocular by myself. 

Have a try; waiting to see your results, 
Dieter (Munich, Germany)

End of 20 January update
Subject:	Panasonic FZ30
Sent:	Monday, January 9, 2006 13:38:22
From: (
I have a new Panasonis DMC-FZ30 and would like to know the best way to
take astrophotos with it.

How do I hook it up to my ETX125?

I have a afocal clamp so I know how to use that.


Walt Hohlstein
Mike here: If the camera has a filter thread on the lens, the Scopetronix Digi-T System is a better way to go. If not, then the clamp is the only way unless the camera lens is removable. For more on the Digi-T see the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page. As to taking pictures, start with a bright object like the Moon.

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