Last updated: 11 January 2004
Autostar Suite Meade Instruments Part# 04520 $149

In December 2003, Meade sent me an Autostar Suite to evaluate its use in Microsoft VirtualPC 6.1 (running Windows 2000) on my Macintosh (running Mac OS X 10.3). This report is rather long and so is broken up into specific sections. I'll update the pages as I continue to work with the Autostar Suite. This report mostly describes how to use the Autostar Suite on a Macintosh but a lot of it also applies to Windows usage since I'm using the Autostar Suite in the Windows 2000 environment on my Macintosh. I will provide comments on what I was thinking as I read the documentation and used various components of the Autostar Suite.

Equipment used:

Apple PowerBook 17" (1GHz) with Mac OS X 10.3.2
Keyspan Twin Serial-USB Adapter (with driver 1.8)
ETX-125 with Autostar #497
LXD55-8"SC with Autostar #497

The photo below shows all the components and the manuals. The small box contains a CD-ROM with the Autostar Suite Software, three manuals (PDF), and a copy of the Meade General Catalog (several PDFs); the Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI) Camera; a USB Cable (for the LPI); a LX200 Serial Cable; a #497 Autostar Serial Cable; a DB-9 to RJ-11 Adapter (for PC serial connection); and a Parfocal Ring (for making an eyepiece parfocal with the LPI).

Autostar Suite

The Manuals (01/11/04)
Software Installation (01/11/04)
Software - Starmap (01/11/04)
Autostar Use (01/11/04)
Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI) (01/11/04)
Image Processing (01/11/04)

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